Primul single de pe noul album Valerinne a fost lansat

Valerinne au lansat primul single de pe noul album “Desire”. Albumul va fi lansat pe 22 mai sub forma unui dublu LP. Albumul a fost inregistrat / mixat la Studio148 de catre Marius Costache.

“Give me my robe, put on my crown; I have Immortal longings in me.” William Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra

Oh, glorious day! We finally get to announce this! Desire will be out as a double LP on May 22! This will be a very limited edition of 100, you will find them at concerts and also through distros we will announce in due time! There are no preorders. More merch to be announced soon.

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This is our longest, darkest, heaviest and most personal album yet, 75 minutes of music which will bring you down relentlessly through landscapes of internal desolation. If you're looking for light on this album, be sure to bring a flashlight with you, because there isn't any! :)

Tracklisting 1. Young Demon 2. Star From Below 3. Earth From Above 4. Deceiver 5. Hegemon 6. Sorrows

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Studio148 by Marius Costache