ProgPower Europe 2010

ProgPower Europe 2010 is set to take place on October 1-3, 2010 at JC Sjiwa, in Baarlo, Netherlands. The line-up is slowly starting to appear: ASPERA (Norway) have been confirmed for this year's edition. The band recently released their debut album and got some overwhelming response from the international press.

  1. Update March 16, 2010: Myrath to play at ProgPower Europe 2010

    image - see following caption
    Nahemah playing at ProgPower Europe 2009
    Photo: Sabin Iacob / StudioRock

    After cancelling their performance 2 years ago, the Tunisian band Myrath will play at ProgPower Europe this year. Their new album, “Desert Call”, was brilliantly mixed and produced by Kevin Codfert. It was officially released on January 25th 2010 in Europe by the major French label XIII Bis Records (Sony distribution) and in the rest of the world by the prestigious American Label Nightmare Records.

    “Desert Call” has since been acclaimed by the media in numerous album reviews by well known webzines and magazines, and has contributed to expending Myrath fan base. Here is the way which one of the reviewers puts it best: “Myrath — Desert Call is to date, my favorite album of 2010. It deserves to be one of the best, that's for sure. This music has everything a Progressive metal fan could want. Hugely based on this bands playing and writing abilities. Beautiful music that is sure to get you both head banging, and filling your heart full of raw, metal emotion. Natural exotic sounds, that come naturally, and amazing musicianship. These guys are young in the music world, and this is only their second studio album. In my opinion they have achieved something that took many bands a decade to achieve

  2. Update March 22, 2010: Xerath, Darkwater to play at ProgPower Europe 2010

    New additions to the ProgPower Europe 2010 line-up: Xerath from the UK and Darkwater form Sweden will make their debut at ProgPower Europe. Headliners are to be announced on April 4.

    Weekend tickets are already available, including a package deal, with a weekend ticket and a stay at Castle de Berckt, for 2 or 3 days, bed&breakfast. Check out for all details.

  3. Update April 16, 2010: Jon Oliva's Pain to play at ProgPower Europe 2010

    Jon Oliva's Pain have been confirmed for ProgPower Europe 2010, October 1- 3, Baarlo, The Netherlands.The band will headline the festival on Sunday 3 October, with a minimum setlist of 90 minutes.

  4. American epic progressive rock band Shadow Gallery announced today that they will be the headliners on Saturday, October 2nd at ProgPower Europe 2010. They released their latest album — Digital Ghosts — in November 2009 via InsideOut Records, and now they are taking it to the stage.

    Shadow Gallery, known purely as a studio band until this point, have released 6 albums while the members juggled other music-related jobs and careers with their recordings. After the loss of their original singer, Mike Baker, due to a sudden heart attack in October 2008, the band vowed to honour their fallen band mate and the fans who loved him by moving forward. They found singer Brian Ashland, who stepped in to add his own graceful style to Digital Ghosts.

  5. Update May 13, 2010: Final line up for ProgPower Europe 2010

    3 final bands have been added to the ProgPower Europe 2010 line-up. On Friday 1 October, the festival will be opened by the French band Klone, on Saturday by Haken from the UK, and Sunday by Love De Vice from Poland.

    The complet line-up is:

    Friday 1 October

    • SERENITY (austria)
    • LEPROUS (norway)
    • KLONE (france)

    Saturday 2 October

    • SHADOW GALLERY (usa)
    • MYRATH (tunisia)
    • DARKWATER (sweden)
    • XERATH (uk)
    • PROGHMA-C (poland)
    • HAKEN (uk)

    Sunday 3 October

    • JON OLIVA'S PAIN (usa)
    • OCEAN'S OF SADNESS (belgium)
    • ASPERA (norway)
    • THE DUST CONNECTION (the netherlands)
    • SACRUM (argentina)
    • LOVE DE VICE (poland)

    Weekend tickets are already available and the organizers also offer the package deal, including a weekend ticket and a stay at Castle de Berckt, for 2 or 3 days, bed&breakfast. So far ticket sales is going really well, from all over the world people will travel to Baarlo to visit ProgPower. Check out for all details, and be sure to order your tickets in time.