TERRA INCΩGNITA “Fragments Of A Ruined Mind

After 25 years playing music, recording, producing, performing and touring, Bob Katsionis decides to make the next big step in his musical endeavour.

As a musician he is best known as a keyboardist/guitarist of FIREWIND, with whose he has been touring the world for the past 14 years, has also released multiple albums with OUTLOUD and SERIOUS BLACK as well as 4 instrumental solo albums, plus he works with KAMELOT as a co-songwriter and has guest performances in more than 50 albums worldwide.

As a producer he started SOUND SYMMETRY STUDIO back in 1996 helping his guitar and keyboard students record their demos, later evolved as a recording facility for his main bands and now he is producing a large variety of artists and bands spanning from Pop/Rock to Heavy,Power and Extreme Metal.

Also responsible for the image of the artists he worked with, he personally takes care of photoshoots, cover artwork and booklet design and through his own video making company PROGRESSIVE VISION GROUP he has directed more than 120 videoclips since 2002.

“Having all this experience in the music making and music business but at the same time being a performing musician myself I always wanted to help the people working with me to achieve their dream. To avoid the common mistakes of a newcomer and make their music heard as much as possible. Recording and finishing an album has become the easiest part of the process. But going out in the “jungle” of the Music Industry and Media seems to be the hardest one. That's when I decided to found SYMMETRIC RECORDS; to give a helping hand to all of these great people I'm working together in my studio and trust their music on me.”

TERRA INCΩGNITA “Fragments Of A Ruined Mind”

So, newfound SYMMETRIC RECORDS debuts with the release of Heavy Metallers' TERRA INCΩGNITA full length album called “Fragments Of A Ruined Mind”

The quintet from Athens led by the charismatic frontman Billy Vass, delivers a solid, straight, simple & pure Heavy Metal album where everything sounds so familiar yet so inspired and powerful. On a musical background which combined the straight metal influences of Iced Earth & Black Sabbath and the lyricism of Sanctuary and Fates Warning , Billy Vass sings the story of the main character of Strahd: a story of betrayal, love, loyalty, death and in the end…the eternal damnation.

Terra IncΩgnita's second album is a milestone both for them and SYMMETRIC RECORDS and producer Bob Katsionis states: “I loved their music from the very first note. I met them at a festival where they grabbed my attention with both their heaviness and their sensitivity. It was a very easy and fun to make album and I think it features something that it's missing a lot these days: the ability to play for yourself and not to surprise anyone.Really glad I'm debuting my label with them!”

Recorded and Mixed by Bob Katsionis at Sound Symmetry Studio, Athens,GR. Mastered by Nassos Nomikos at VU Productions

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“Fragments Of A Ruined Mind” TRACKLISTING

  1. Strahd's Revenge
  2. My Emptiness
  3. In The Mist
  4. The Word
  5. A Day Without Loss
  6. Conqueror
  7. Life Begins Again
  8. The Midnight Lies
  9. Covenant
  10. Sign With Blood
  11. My Ruined Mind

The first official video clip of the album for the song “In The Mist” was shot by Bob Katsionis for Progressive Vision Group and you can watch it here:




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