The 25th edition of Metal Under Moonlight

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Photo: Bestial Records, Stay Metal Forever

The latest details for the event organised by Bestial Records and Stay Metal Forever and supported by MIG Management at KeyMen Group have emerged.

Bolthard will be launching 2 CDs: the EP titled “Password:Invalid”, and the single titled “Human Race”; the band promise an electrifying show, with light, music and pyrotechnics. They will also present their new, enthusiastic and dynamic management team, and a full merchandise set: CDs, T-shirts, girlies, scarves.

Grimegod will play for the first time this year in Bucharest, and come with a new lineup: after more than 10 years, two of the founding members — Hoit and Tilo — are back. Ciungu, who played keyboards on their first album, will be invited to play one of the songs.

Tbe band will re-release their first album — “Under the Sad and Silent Sky” — as a CD.

Unfortunately, Tiarra won't be able to play, due to Anda (vocals) being ill.