Upcoming Trollfest album

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En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral album cover
Photo: Artwork by Jonas Darnell and design by Terje “Andy WarTroll”

Acording to a review in Lords of Metal, En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral is 40 minutes of utterly daft, well-executed and original fun that, because it’s still mainly a metal record, should melt the hearts of even the most frostbitten winter demons.

The story of the upcoming album is “about five trolls who set out on a quest to find the Holy Grail which will deliver all the trolls from a horrible famine. Exactly how it will do this is not by some heaven sent miracle, but by providing an endless food source in the shape of the hordes of Christians who will come searching for the Holy Grail themselves! As you can imagine, this rather “unholy” quest is a somewhat beer-fuelled, blood-filled adventure in typical Troll tradition! And if you want to know what happens next to the brave questers, there is an epilogue in the form of bonus track on the digi pack edition.”

The band performing True Norwegian Balkan metal is about to hit the record stores with a new release and, in order to tease their audience with information, sneak peaks and clues about the upcoming goodies, the Trollfest Television has put together a few clips with reporters from Romania and Mexico. As a warning, the videos might cause laughter and contain trollish manifestations related to alcohol consumption and piñata chasing:

TrollfesT TV Romania

TrollfesT TV Mexico

Track list:

  1. Die Verdammte Hungersnot
  2. Karve
  3. Die Berüchtiges Bande
  4. Gjetord
  5. Der Sündenbock Gegalte
  6. Korstog
  7. Undermålere
  8. Jevnes med Jorden
  9. En gammel Trollsti
  10. Epilog (BONUS TRACK Digi Pak)

Until the album is released, you can enjoy some of the band's tunes on their reverbnation player.

by Andrea Chirulescu