1. Tuska 2014 review (Updated with Tuska 2015 preview)

    Tuska 2014 review (Updated with Tuska 2015 preview) icon The last weekend of June Finnish metalheads and many of their international fellows gathered together again in Helsinki for the 17th edition of the Tuska festival. From a local’s viewpoint it seems like more foreign people make it over every year. That’s of course only a good thing – the more, the merrier in this case when the festival site … (read on)

  2. Brutal Assault 2014

    Brutal Assault 2014 icon The 19th edition of the already well known European metal festival Brutal Assault took place between 6th and 9th of August 2014. Location was same as in the previous editions since 2007: Old Military Fortress Josefov in Czech Republic (around 130 km from Prague). During 4 festival days more than 90 bands from various parts of the world joined to … (read on)

  3. Made of Metal 2014

    Made of Metal 2014 icon The first edition of the melodic metal festival “Made of Metal” took place between 15th and 17th of August 2014. In three days the festival which is mainly focused on symphonic metal, folk metal and power metal gathered around 50 bands from 15 countries. The festival location was next to the Morava river outside of the city of Hodonin (East … (read on)

  4. Hellfest 2014

    Hellfest 2014 icon Review by Razvan Aprodu Photo Gallery by Paul Voicu When it comes to metal festivals there are a few names to throw around, but when you say Hellfest you say THE metal festival of the year. Year after year they relentlessly try to make the peaceful town of Clisson, France pop. 5,539 into a metalhead’s heaven. This year is no … (read on)

  5. Tuska 2013 Review

    Tuska 2013 Review icon This year the Tuska festival was held for the third time at the industrial surroundings at the Suvilahti site, about 2 kilometers from downtown Helsinki. As Suvilahti is still a rather new environment the festival organizers are thankfully listening to the audience feedback and thus making the area better every year. This year’s main optimization was changing the number of … (read on)

  6. Brutal Assault 2013

    Brutal Assault 2013 icon The 18th edition of the already well known European metal festival Brutal Assault tool place in the Old Army Fortress Josefov - around 130 km from Prague, Czech Republic between 7th and 10th August 2013. The festival offered four days of metal music with a wide variety of genres (mostly metal). In total more than 75 bands from around the … (read on)

  7. Concert Combo in Copenhagen: Leprous and Orphaned Land

    Concert Combo in Copenhagen: Leprous and Orphaned Land icon Review by Andrea Chirulescu | Photo: Tini Lorey The last weekend of September 2013 meant a trip to Copenhagen, initially booked to go to a new Leprous concert together with a bunch of awesome music enthusiasts whom I meet here and there in Europe for concerts. And not only. And mainly for Leprous concerts. The venue where the event took … (read on)

  8. Hellfest 2013 (Romanian only)

    Hellfest 2013 (Romanian only) icon A opta editie a festivalului Hellfest ce s-a desfasurat in perioada 21-23 iunie 2013 in Clisson, Franta a strans si anul acesta peste 100.000 de participanti, conform datelor postate de organizatori. Cu un line-up impresionant , cu o organizare impecabila, Hellfest este unul dintre cele mai bune festivaluri de metal din Europa. 21 iunie- Prima zi de HELLFEST Prima zi … (read on)

  9. Motorpsycho - Death Defying Unicorn live@Opera, Oslo

    Motorpsycho - Death Defying Unicorn live@Opera, Oslo icon I simply love it when the Oslo Opera house is holding non opera shows. It's a place where I witnessed special shows from Ulver and Vreid and this 2012 November evening, my eyes and ears were fully captivated for 90 minutes by one hell of a mad show put up by the three Norwegians in Motorpsycho together with gues musicians … (read on)

  10. Dordeduh - live concert review

    Dordeduh - live concert review icon Saturday night I had the chance to watch Dordeduh live on stage, right after they have edited the very acclaimed first release ‚Dar De Duh', an album currently promoted via a mini tour through Romania. The expectations were high, especially since Dordeduh hasn't performed in Bucharest for about two years, according to Hupogrammos. The trip to the even't venue was … (read on)

  11. European Progressive Assault Tour - the first show

    European Progressive Assault Tour - the first show icon It's not easy to explain the joy of 'discovering' a band, seeing them live at the beginning when they're still a bit shy and sober on stage and slowly see their evolution by attending show after show, both their own release concerts or as support band during a long tour. And now, I get to see them as headliners of … (read on)

  12. Brutal Assault 2012

    Brutal Assault 2012 icon The 17th anniversary edition of the well known European metal festival Brutal Assault tool place in the Old Army Fortress Josefov- around 130 km from Prague. The festival opened its gates Wednesday 8th of August with a huge queue for ticket checking and wristbands picking up. Metalheads wasted many hours in the sun, without any water or beer waiting to … (read on)

  13. Dark Bombastic Evening - review of the 4th ritual

    Dark Bombastic Evening - review of the 4th ritual icon The number of festivals held in Romania is slowly increasing every year, but as far as I notice on the web or through news from my friends, they follow the same pattern: rent a huge space, bring 'big' bands that sell your tickets, cage the participants within some fences and tell them to have fun there, there's hardly any interaction … (read on)

  14. Tuska Festival 2012 - Day 3 Review

    Tuska Festival 2012 - Day 3 Review icon Being set up quite close to the city center and populated areas in Helsinki, the Tuska festival has a curfew different from any other I've seen. Friday and Saturday the 'noise' has to end at ten PM and Sunday at nine, making it possible for everyone to get their rest and have the chance to go home at decent times … (read on)

  15. Tuska Festival 2012 - Day 2 Review

    Tuska Festival 2012 - Day 2 Review icon Not the easiest of mornings in the Finnish capital, yet I managed to make it by 13:30 to the festival grounds to watch the performance of the Finnish hard/heavy rock (formerly death metal) band Amoral, as I was going to have an interview later on that day and it would have made my life easier if I got to 'know' … (read on)

  16. Tuska Festival 2012 - Day 1 Review

    Tuska Festival 2012 - Day 1 Review icon This was my second year at the Finnish Tuska metal festival, and it strongly reinforced the feeling that I should join this festival rather often, as it simply is an awesome experience. From the moment you go to pick up your wristbands until you say the final goodbye to the festival grounds, it all happens with so much politeness and … (read on)

  17. OST Fest 2012, or how a friendly PR doesn't a festival make

    OST Fest 2012, or how a friendly PR doesn't a festival make icon First, a rant, preceded by a disclaimer: this review is intentionally being written a while after the event; this ensures that the author's head is cool enough to avoid swearing (too much). So, here we go: after we'd kinda given up on going to OST Fest 2012, StudioRock received the documentation for press access. That was one impressive email: it … (read on)

  18. Graspop festival 2012 - Day 3

    The final day of Graspop 2012 didn't start too encouraging, as it was raining like crazy in Eindhoven when we left and it did so a big part of the drive to Dessel. It also kept on raining until later in the afternoon, making the tents rather crowded and hot. But, rain is afterall part of the outdoor festival life … (read on)

  19. Graspop festival 2012 - Day 2

    Saturday started with good weather and fresh Dutch stroopwafels which taste fantastic when warm. Highly recommended. Another driver from Eindhoven to Dessel and we're just in time to attend Heidevolk's concert in the Metaldome. I only knew a song from Heidvolk, but it was enough to make me want to see them live since they sing about being Vulgaris Magistralis … (read on)

  20. Graspop festival 2012 - Day 1

    Graspop festival 2012 - Day 1 icon I still wish I had a wider festival experience to be able to compare Graspop to other events, but, due to what I see on various social media about festivals like Hellfest or Wacken, I believe that Graspop is still one cool relaxed festival. I mainly mean that from the point of view of amount of time needed to relocate … (read on)