1. South of Heaven: Vulture Industries, Helheim, Taake in Oslo

    South of Heaven: Vulture Industries, Helheim, Taake in Oslo icon It's been a long time now since I wished to catch a live performance by Vulture Industries, after seeing plenty of youtube videos, as each of them made me more and more curious. And, finally, May 2012 brought the band to Oslo for the already established event South of Heaven. It's true that the event headliners were the band's Bergen … (read on)

  2. Ørkenkjøtt release concert at John Dee, Oslo

    Ørkenkjøtt release concert at John Dee, Oslo icon Two days after I got so impressed by the opening act that I wished the headliner would stop playing and have the first band come back on stage, I got to witness another fantastic opening performance. This time it was the Norwegian quintet Domene, who played as support band for the Ørkenkjøtt release concert in Oslo, at John Dee. It’s … (read on)

  3. Pain of Salvation & Cryptex live in Oslo

    Pain of Salvation & Cryptex live in Oslo icon With two 'Road salt' albums released until September 2011, Pain of Salvation has embarqued on an European tour with the support of the Germans from Cryptex. The stop in Oslo was in the small 'John Dee' venue, which led to a rather compact crowd in front of the stage and a nice atmosphere altogether. I got inside during the Cryptex … (read on)

  4. South of Heaven: Obscura and guests in Oslo

    South of Heaven: Obscura and guests in Oslo icon Obscura’s 2012 tour aimed at promoting their latest release, Omnivium, brought the Germans to the smaller stage of Chateau Neuf in Oslo, together with their 3 support acts: Exivious from the Netherlands, Gorod from France and Spawn of Possession from Sweden. For me personally, the event started earlier than the moment when the first tune was played on stage, since … (read on)

  5. 70,000 Tons Of Metal 2012

    70,000 Tons Of Metal 2012 icon Everybody who was able to be part of the maiden voyage of 70.000 Tons Of Metal in 2011 was exhausted by this very special experience. It was absolutely proven that a luxury cruise ship and more than 2000 party-willing Heavy Metal pirates are a completely suitable match. And so it was quite obvious that a second edition of the outstanding … (read on)

  6. The launch of Autumn's latest album

    The launch of Autumn's latest album icon When I arrived at the venue, the doors were still closed and a few people were waiting to get in. This would actually prove to be the tendency of the evening. Everything was late, but nobody complained. After a few minutes the doors finally opened. Once inside, I noticed nobody was in a hurry tonight. Not the band, not the … (read on)

  7. Concert review: Arch Enemy in Tilburg

    Concert review: Arch Enemy in Tilburg icon The concert started with a bit of a delay, which meant I could actually make it in time, I still had to wait almost half an hour before the first band took the stage. Strangely enough, this was the first gig in a while in this venue that wasn't sold out. The first band was ChthoniC from Taiwan. I had … (read on)

  8. Concert review: In Flames in Tilburg

    Concert review: In Flames in Tilburg icon For the second day in a row, the 013 venue was sold out. Though the musical style this evening was way different than the previous evening (Marillion), the bands were destined to make this evening a great one. The evening was opened by the Norwegians of Insense. Their musical style is hard to define, since it's not exactly in one … (read on)

  9. Concert review: Marillion in Tilburg

    Concert review: Marillion in Tilburg icon This Tuesday it was finally time to see Marillion. I hadn't seen the band in quite some years, so I was really looking forward to it. With the venue being sold-out in a short time, it was almost a given fact that the atmosphere in there would be great. Unfortunately, I arrived very late at the venue due to traffic … (read on)

  10. Opeth and Pain of Salvation

    Opeth and Pain of Salvation icon Pain of Salvation have come a long way since their first musical experiences, and have gathered a rather big following during the years. This time around, they started their set in front of a sold-out crowd. They only had about 40 minutes of playing time, and it was no wonder that almost all songs on the playlist were from the … (read on)

  11. Amorphis' “The Beginning of Times” Tour — Bucharest

    Amorphis' “The Beginning of Times” Tour — Bucharest icon The Finns from Amorphis will be touring all over Europe during the next two months or so, promoting their new record “The Beginning Of Times“. The tour started on the 2nd of November in Tallinn, and will have two parts. The first part will end in the UK on the 26th of November, and has Leprous (Norway) and NahemaH (Spain) … (read on)

  12. Metal Female Voices Festival 2011

    Metal Female Voices Festival 2011 icon For the 9th time this festival took place in the Oktoberhallen in Wieze, Belgium. As the name states, this festival is all about bands that have female vocalists. And, like in the previous years, the management did an excellent job in recruiting bands for the festival. Friday started off with only 3 bands, but nice enough to get a taste … (read on)

  13. Heidenfest 2011 - Review

    Heidenfest 2011 - Review icon This October I decided to add a new band to the list of the 'bands I traveled to see abroad' and this time it's about the nutcases known by the name of Trollfest. They are a part of this year's Heidenfest, together with Finntroll, Turisas, Alestorm, Arkona, Wintersun, Dronenreich and Skalmold. The lineup sounds pretty cool for a weekend party, … (read on)

  14. Southern Discomfort 2011

    Southern Discomfort 2011 icon Kristiansand, a city of a bit over 80.000 people, located in the South of Norway, is the host of Southern Discomfort, a two days (9th & 10th of September 2011) indoor festival with great headliners and awesome mood among its vistors. Being hosted by not very big venues (Kick, with a capacity of 700 and PÃ¥ Hjørnet, smaller than that), … (read on)

  15. Brutal Assault 2011 - Festival review

    Brutal Assault 2011 - Festival review icon The 16th anniversary edition of one of the biggest European extreme metal festivals took place in the Old Army Fortress from Josefov - around 130 km from Prague, close to the Polish border. The festival gathered approx. 17 000 visitors coming from different parts of the world to enjoy an unique metal festival atmosphere. The two main stages were situated … (read on)

  16. Dark Bombastic Evening 3

    Dark Bombastic Evening 3 icon The third edition of Dark Bombastic Evening brought together 12 bands of the European underground stage with fans from every corner of Europe at the Alba Iulia Fortress, and all of these fit like fork and knife for two days in a friendly festival with lots of good music. After the last two editions which took place in various clubs … (read on)

  17. Masters of Rock Festival 2011

    Masters of Rock Festival 2011 icon This year it was the ninth edition of the biggest metal festival from Czech Republic. The focus of the festival is mainly traditional heavy metal but every year there is a variety of bands and metal styles for every metalhead. This year´s line-up was very promising, many bands being a must-see. I personally was looking forward a lot since last … (read on)

  18. 70.000 TONS OF METAL Cruise report

    70.000 TONS OF METAL Cruise report icon 70.000 TONS OF METAL - “The trip of your lifetime” A festival story by Marc Hansen, Björn von Oettingen and CRIPPER Have you ever believed a Caribbean cruise is only for old people? Have you ever believed that a Caribbean cruise is an almost boring trip? Have you always believed that Metal and cruise ships are not compatible? You are … (read on)

  19. Metal Camp 2011

    Metal Camp 2011 icon Metalcamp Festival - Tolmin Slovenia, 2011 Tolmin, one of the most appropriate locations for an extreme metal festival, is the city that named the whole region. At a first glance, the city seems quiet, with tidy houses and lots of flowers, but once you reach the concert area, you see people from every corner of the world. During the festival … (read on)

  20. Tuska Open Air 2011 - Day 3

    Tuska Open Air 2011 - Day 3 icon The last day of the festival was nicely thought by the organisers. Only 3 bands on the main stage, with the last show ending at 9 PM so that everyone could get home in decent time and start the working week on Monday somewhat rested. We went there early to watch the performance of the crazy Norwegians from Kvelertak. I … (read on)