1. Inferno Metal Festival 2011 - Day 1

    Inferno Metal Festival 2011 - Day 1 icon The 3 days full of dark and extreme metal on the Rockefeller and John Dee stages in Oslo have kicked in on Thursday, April 21st and as the first performers we have the Norwegian trio from Diskord on the small stage of John Dee. If by the time I entered the venue I was still a bit sleepy, it all … (read on)

  2. Inferno Metal Festival 2011

    Inferno Metal Festival 2011 icon As every year, the Inferno metal festival that takes place during the Easter weekend in Oslo, Norway, is opened by a Club day on Wednesday. The club day means a multitude of bands who, for one reason or another, wouldn't be added to the main list of performers, but instead they are being split at 6-7 stages all over the … (read on)

  3. Concert review: Sonata Arctica, Labÿrinth & Triosphere

    Concert review: Sonata Arctica, Labÿrinth & Triosphere  icon Tonight it was time for some power metal bands. When arriving at the venue, there was a huge queue in front of the door, promising a packed venue. Strangely enough, the show wasn’t even sold out. After talking to some people at the venue, they told me only a few tickets were left, so it was close to sold out. … (read on)

  4. Review: Abigail at Tomberon Fest

    Review: Abigail at Tomberon Fest icon On a chilly Sunday evening, metalheads gathered up for the second evening of Tomberon Fest (March, 26-27 2011) hosted by Fabrica Club in Bucharest. Four band names were announced on the festival’s line-up for the 27th: Akral Necrosis (black metal), Abigail (doom metal), Ka Gaia An (pagan/folk metal) and Kistvaen (depressive/suicidal black metal). At about 8 PM a bunch of … (read on)

  5. Ill Nino's 4th incendiary show in Eindhoven

    Ill Nino's 4th incendiary show in Eindhoven icon The bill today was packed with no less than 5 bands, all of which can be placed in the Nu-metal genre. While not all of them are as well-known as the headliners, it was still a nice deal, especially since the Effenaar managed to do this for only €16. I arrived at the venue just before the first band started. … (read on)

  6. Power of Metal 2011

    Power of Metal 2011 icon From the moment I saw the lineup of the Power Metal events at www.powerofmetal.eu and they started selling the tickets for the final shows in Netherlands, I acquired myself entrance and plane tickets as I have always wished to see SymphonyX live. And the other bands would have been a nice bonus in the lineup, considering I knew little about … (read on)

  7. Devin Townsend Project live in Oslo

    Devin Townsend Project live in Oslo icon I was told before attending last night's concert that it was going to be crazy and awesome, so I knew I was in for a nice treat. However, I was completely unprepared for the epic show that I witnessed. Each time I recall fragments of it I wear a big smile on my face. I will start by telling you … (read on)

  8. South of Heaven II — Entombed, Wyruz, Helldealer

    South of Heaven II — Entombed, Wyruz, Helldealer icon After attending my first South of Heaven event a few weeks ago, I actually found out that the concerts have been organised in Oslo under this title since 2003 (you can actually read a full history in Norwegian on their webpage), promoting smaller local more or less underground bands as well as bringing big names from the registry of “mean … (read on)

  9. This year's first South of Heaven night in Oslo

    This year's first South of  Heaven night in Oslo icon The winter-end and beginning of Spring 2011 comes with a bunch of cool concerts at the Betong venue which belongs to the Norwegian Students Organisation. These events go under the name of South of Heaven, and the first night had Nile as headliners, 3 more bands on the lineup, and it ended up with an extra band playing in between … (read on)

  10. Thrashfest 2010

    Thrashfest 2010 icon The venue where the event took place, Betong, is more or less the cellar of the building hosting a bunch of entertainment and artistic departments belonging to the Students’ Society. And the years of experience in organising various concerts there make it a good location for a metal show, since it offers a really good sound, wide space in front … (read on)

  11. Seventh Wonder's album release party in Stockholm

    Seventh Wonder's album release party in Stockholm icon After having seen this true wonder a few weeks ago at the Helvation festival in Finland, I decided to book myself a flight to Stockholm and attend the release party of their newest album, “The Great Escape“. The party took place on a snow white Saturday evening in a place called Nöjespalatset. It doesn't look like a regular metal concert … (read on)

  12. Trollfest live@RockIn

    Trollfest live@RockIn icon On a cold Thursday evening, when it seemed to be very difficult to convince people to get out of their houses, the Norwegian band Trollfest, pioneers of True Norwegian Black Balkan Metal (or a combination of these words) had a live performance at the RockIn club in Oslo. Prior to the live show, we had the chance to listen to … (read on)

  13. Doomed Souls Evening

    Doomed Souls Evening icon With Wagner’s music in the background, I am going to reveal to you what happened on the evening of November 7th at “Doomed Souls Evening”, another event organised by DonsisArt and Kogaionon and hosted by the same spacious venue at Silver Church. After the concert with Aggaloch and Alcest, this event was the second where we had the chance and … (read on)

  14. Ordo Rosarius Equilibro - Experimental Friday II

    Ordo Rosarius Equilibro - 	Experimental Friday II icon The Ordo Rosarius Equilibro concerts was the third one they had in Romania, but it was the first where Thomas Peterson & Co. have performed alone on the stage of the elegant club Kulturhaus – a great location for smaller sized events. There was a new bassist in the band, Fredrik Leijström and a guitarist, Ronnie Bäck, both being a … (read on)

  15. Helvation festival

    Helvation festival icon A first edition of a very successful festival took place on the days of 12th and 13th of November, 2010 in Helsinki at a venue called Dante’s Highlight. It is a place that regularly hosts smaller sized concerts, having a capacity of about 650 people (including top floor/balcony), as far as I understood. Plus, downstairs there is a separate bar … (read on)

  16. Sitra Ahra first two shows

    Quickly after Therion has announced their European shows and especially the support acts (Loch Vostok and Leprous) I bought myself tickets for their Dutch shows. Which were also the opening ones of the long series of concert throughout the old continent, including Russia towards its end (unfortunately, the support bands will no longer play the concerts after Poland). First of … (read on)

  17. Leprous and Wintergrave live in Oslo

    Leprous and Wintergrave live in Oslo icon Skuret is a tiny bar in Oslo used a lot by those who study various instruments or musical related stuff at NISS (Nordisk Institutt for Scene og Studio), since they get to play there either for free or for very little money and practice their compositions in front of the crowd. Thus, any concert held there should not raise anyone's … (read on)

  18. Labyrinthic Metal Evening 2010

    Labyrinthic Metal Evening 2010   icon On the 16th of November Kogaionon and DonisArt have organised a special evening for us, with a line-up consisting mainly of names from the experimental areas of metal, pretty much all of them being underground ones, just like we've grown to expect from Andreea and Doru. The evening seemed very special to me due the fact that I had the … (read on)

  19. Dimmu Borgir&Enslaved live

    Dimmu Borgir&Enslaved live icon As part of Dimmu Borgir's Abrahadabra tour, the show held on October 18th in Oslo, Sentrum Scene, was opened by two support acts: Sahg and Enslaved. Due to the classical Norwegian habit of forspill (pre party, foreplay), I missed Sahg and got to the venue 2 minutes after Enslaved had started. The venue they played in is part of the … (read on)

  20. 1001Watt Festival 2010

    1001Watt Festival 2010 icon This festival actually started back in 1999 as a small event that grew very fast for the next 4 years and was able to bring up pretty big names in the small city of Skien, in Telemark Norway, 2 hours by bus from Oslo. Then the festival took a break until 2009, and working its way up towards a great … (read on)