1. Sonisphere - July 18, 2009 at Folkets Park, Hultsfred

    by Andrea Chirulescu After a 12 hours trip from Oslo to Hultsfred, the last 10 mins of the trip was in a one wagon train from the city (?) center to the festival area. A wagon packed with metalheads and surprised locals, and overwhelmed with good mood. Once at the festival grounds, first sight - encouraging nevertheless - a huge … (read on)

  2. Metal Camp 2009, July 2 - 7, Slovenia

    Metal Camp 2009, July 2 - 7, Slovenia  icon by Wintertale The 6th edition of the Metalcamp festival took place between 2nd and 7th of July in the green country Slovenia, in the small mountain town Tolmin. Seven camping days and five concert days with bands that made the play list be extraordinary. After a two years break we found the same wonderful location and we enjoyed few days … (read on)

  3. Opeth and Ihsahn, Olslo Live Festival, July 3, 2009

    Opeth and Ihsahn, Olslo Live Festival, July 3, 2009 icon by Andrea Chirulescu Even if I saw them a little while ago, I was really eager to see them again. Both of their performances were amazing, so as Ihsahn was starting at 8 I started getting ready around 7 so I can leave 7.30. In half an hour the sky got totally black and when I went outside it started … (read on)

  4. Graspop Metal Meeting 2009, Belgium

    Graspop Metal Meeting 2009, Belgium icon After last year's noteworthy edition of the Graspop Metal Meeting (GMM), there was little doubt that it would be on the agenda once more. However, given the last year's quite impressive set of headliners — Judas Priest, Kiss and Iron Maiden — it was a well justified question whether or not the 2009 edition would live up to expectations; a … (read on)

  5. Inferno Festival 2009, Norway

    Inferno festival 2009 The black metal festival held in the Norwegian capital around the Easter weekend – maybe a way to protest against the religious holiday? – came to its 9th edition. Among the headliners on the poster we could see Paradise Lost, Pestillence, Samael, Carpathian Forest. And there used to be Meshuggah but to my disappointment they got cancelled … (read on)

  6. In Flames, 3 April 2009, Zlin, CZ

    In Flames, 3 April 2009, Zlin, CZ icon by Wintertale First time when I went to Zlin, Czech Republic for In Flames concert on 3rd of April 2009. A few hours trip by car till the big parking from a shopping centre where Masters of Rock Café is located. The club is nicely made, big enough and they have no restrictions for photo cameras as in the majority … (read on)

  7. AC/DC - 18 February 2009 - Oslo,Norway

    AC/DC - 18 February 2009 - Oslo,Norway by Andrea Chirulescu First concert of this year's 'Black Ice' tour was held in the new Telenor arena in Oslo, an indoor sports hall with a capacity of about 23.000 people – and it was sold out in a matter of an hour or so. Considering the tons of snow in the city … (read on)

  8. Graspop Metal Meeting 2008, Belgium

    Graspop Metal Meeting 2008, Belgium icon by Lars Bahren Initial considerations Why go there? – Consider the usual exercise once the summer festival season is at your door: you take some time off to go through all your favorite music magazines and websites to see who is showing up where this year. What are you ending up with? Are you going to visit them all or … (read on)