Concert review: Sonata Arctica, Labÿrinth & Triosphere

Tonight it was time for some power metal bands. When arriving at the venue, there was a huge queue in front of the door, promising a packed venue. Strangely enough, the show wasn’t even sold out. After talking to some people at the venue, they told me only a few tickets were left, so it was close to sold out.

At 19:30 the first band entered the stage. It was the Norwegians from Triosphere. The first thing you notice about the band is the female vocalist/bass player. Unfortunately, there are still only a few women in the metal-scene, but Ida Haukland is proving to be a solid vocalist as well as a bass player. The band in total was good, but not excellent. I found myself missing something in the music. The rhythm was good, bass good, drums good and even the guitars were good. It just seemed like there could me more of a melody in the songs. The songs that were played were from both of their albums.

Next up were the Italians from Labÿrinth. It was a long time since I last saw them, so I was really looking forward to their show. Performing classics like “In the Shade” “New Horizons” and “Moonlight” from the first two albums, but also songs from “Return to Heaven Denied part II”. The only part that disappointed me a bit was the vocals of Roberto Tiranti. In the past he used to be able to reach very long notes. Maybe it’s the end of a very long tour, maybe something else, but this part wasn’t there anymore. The vocal range was still very wide, but the stamina was lacking. Overall, the performance was above average.

The headliner for tonight was Sonata Arctica from Finland. Although the band hasn’t released an album since “The Days of Grays” in 2009, they’re still promoting this album and are almost at the end of the world tour. The show started with a couple of tracks from this album, (“Flag in the Ground” and “T_he Last Amazing Grays_”), but soon turned to the well-known songs of the older albums. Songs like “Replica”, “Blank File” and “Full Moon” passed the set. Tony Kakko sounded very well in his vocals and also his expression in the songs was very good.

The venue got really heated and I even saw one girl fainting from the heat. After about an hour and a half, the set was ended with “Don’t Say a Word” and the traditional “Vodka song” (they’ve done since the first time I saw them over 10 years ago). If I have to say something negative about the band it’s the long speeches of Tony between some songs (probably due to tuning the guitars or something similar) and the expressions of Marko Paasikoski on bass. His playing was good, but he didn’t seem very happy. During the whole gig, I never spotted him with anything even close to a smile. But besides these two points, it was an excellent evening.

by Frank Wijers

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