Danzig at Effenaar, Eindhoven

About two hours before the show I received an email from the venue that all photo passes had been cancelled by the band management. Though this was a bit of a disappointment, there was more time to enjoy the show.

When I arrived at the venue, it was very empty. With Judas Priest playing about 30 km away and Iron Maiden the next day, I assumed the economy made people choose between the gigs. A decent surprise came when I heard that there would be an opening act, which wasn’t announced. It turned out to be a very old Dutch black metal band called “Heretic”.

When they started to play, the only thing I really noticed was that the music was very simple: all songs had similar rhythm, and the lyrics weren’t very surprising either, most of them were about “Hell” or “Satan”. At first, the sound of the guitars was very harsh — too many high tones, too little low — but the problem was fixed after about two songs. The crowd that was gathered by that point didn’t really seem interested in the band's music. There were only a few people headbanging, and hardly anybody reacted to the lead vocalist, even when he asked if the crowd was ready for Danzig. After about half an hour, a sigh of relief went through the venue when they announced this would be their last song.

At this point, the venue started to get really packed. Fortunately, many people turned out to see Danzig. Although the first band had used their own equipment, it took a very long time for the stage to get ready, so, about an hour after the opener, Danzig came on stage. The first song they played was “Wotan’s Procession” followed by “SkinCarver” (same as on the ablum) from the 2004 album “Circle of Snakes”: a song that starts slow, but picks up in pace. Guitars, bass and drums were good from the start, vocals were a bit low, but was quickly fixed.

The set continued with a good mix of songs. During “Rebel Spirit” the crowd became really wild, screaming along with the songs and jumping around. Near the end of the gig, the long-expected “Mother” was played. After this, the band disappeared from the stage, less than 1 hour after the start of the gig. They came back for an encore comprising “She Rides” and “Dirty Black Summer”.

The full setlist:

  • Wotans Procession
  • SkinCarver
  • Twist of Cain
  • Hammer of the Gods
  • Rebel spirit
  • Her Black Wings
  • How the Gods Kill
  • Thirteen
  • On a Wicked Night
  • Ju Ju Bone
  • Bringer of Death
  • Mother


  • She Rides
  • Dirty Black Summer

After they left stage again, I was left feeling both anger and joy. Anger because they only played just over 1 hour, but also joy because the hour they played was very good. In hindsight, the total performance was good and left me with good memories.

by Frank Wijers