Doomed Souls Evening

With Wagner’s music in the background, I am going to reveal to you what happened on the evening of November 7th at “Doomed Souls Evening”, another event organised by DonsisArt and Kogaionon and hosted by the same spacious venue at Silver Church.

After the concert with Aggaloch and Alcest, this event was the second where we had the chance and the pleasure to hear bands from the doom-deah-black registry, while those in charge were unchanged: Doru and Andreea. The Aggaloch and Alcest event was a great success among the crowd, to my big surprise.

Some questions regarding a new success with “Doomed Souls Evening” started to arise after the somewhat financial disaster from “Labyrinthic Metal Evening”. One of the causes that I haven’t mentioned in my reviews was the increased number of live events in Romania, during the past months.

The evening had 3 names on its schedule, 3 bands who have in common things such as the melancholy and sadness transmitted through their music and lyrics. Yet, each of them had a different style: suicidal doom&black metal for Forgotten Tomb, doom-death metal for the Swedes from October Tide or doom-death melodic metal for Saturnus.

Impressive after a first look around was to see so many new and fresh people from the young and very young generations. Many girls, making you think that melancholy is very popular among this gender. I still haven’t found out the total number of attendees, but after attending myself many events of this kind and noticing the tendency of Romanian crowd to settle for a certain genre, I believe this event was very successful from and for the audience point of view.

Forgotten Tomb — a high class performance. A black-doom like theirs has always been a treat for me. Each member gave his best on the stage, maybe except the sound of Razor SK’s guitar. The crowd was paying close attention to each guitar stroke and each sound made by Herr Morbid. Many that I spoke with have come to the event for this band, which is very appreciated in the underground scene. They played songs from “Negative Megalomania” and “Springtime Depression”. The show ended quite epic as the cover of Black Flag’s “Depression” heated the atmosphere even more. The band’s drummer, with his Asian looks adds up to the exotic feeling of the band. Actually many musicians have passed through this band along their existence, one of them being Nordvargr on the albums “Springtime Depression” and “Love’s Burial Ground”. This is to underline the band’s place in the underground and the personal style that they are showing. The fact that their latest album includes also covers of Nirvana and Black Flag makes me think that the members are open enough to perform any type of music, being it rock or something else.

October Tide was the highlight of the evening for me. Despite a note of coldness from Fred Norman, the live performance of the quintet was more than decent and honest. Their music was perfectly fit for the event’s idea, the crowd responded very well and the band was in a good mood for singing. The playlist has mainly covered songs from their latest release, “A thin shell”.

Tobias Netzell, the vocalist, impressed through his voice and growls reminding us of Mikael Åkerfeldt or Jonas Renkse, death metal version. I was fascinated by the revival of the October Tide project, especially that Katatonia members (including Fred Norman) have moved away from their initial style. I was able to spot plenty of similarities between October Tide and the early days of Katatonia. For the song “12 days of rain” I felt like a travel back in time, when albums such as “Brave murder day” or “Rain without end” (a continuity in Katatonia’s style) were quite famous. I don’t know if they had a bis planned at all, but despite’s the audience repeated demand for one, we didn’t get it.

Saturnus got a lot of cheering from the very beginning, making me believe that many came to the event for them. Their lazier style, going towards melancholy, was always a favourite among Romanian crowd. But the band members seemed to be on another lane than what their music makes you feel, considering the optimism they have shown on stage. Their mood had the positive result of a special feeling passed to the audience, a clean sound and a long concert. It was a two hours march of melancholic doom-death. Unlike October Tide, when the vocalist Tobias Netzell mentioned it’s the end of the show and leaving it unclear about an encore, Thomas Jensen of Saturnus made it obvious there was going to be no encore after the two intense hours.

Altogether it was a great evening in my opinion, especially since DonsisArt and Kogaionon already had an experimental music event two days earlier. And, as I mentioned earlier, the events of this kind in our country are more and more often, with concerts that either bring decent incomes, or, unfortunately, make a hole in the organiser’s pockets.

The audience reacted with enthusiasm at the sight of each of the three names for the evening. This has proven me that the Romanian crowd for doom music is a very devoted one and ready to support the underground scene. This shows there is still hope for the concert organisers who still have the courage to put together events in Romania.

I live with the hope of a ‘next time’ for underground concerts, and would be very thrilled to keep on telling you about these special events while listening to the same great Wagner.

by Lebovsky