Hypocrisy, February 17, 2010 - Arena Hall, Vienna

by Wintertale

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Photo: Wintertale / StudioRock

First time I heard Hypocrisy are going on tour and I will finally get the chance to see them on stage I felt the need to double check- just to be sure my imagination is not playing tricks. And so was real. The Long Time No Death tour set the band on stage after so many years of break as Peter’s attention was more “industrial” being focused on Pain.

On 17th February 2010 Hypocrisy performed live at Arena in Vienna, Austria. Though the gig was during the week was a nice occasion to meet our friends from Romania as well. When we got there doors were opened and the place was pretty empty. Was time for a beer- yes, the only kind of beer they are selling in Arena and that is not so great. The place itself is not impressive and the crew would definitely need some good manners education. Is the first place I saw such a primitive behaviour.

As a support the Finnish band Survivors Zero did their best to warm up the atmosphere. I heard nothing about them before so had to check a little what can be served with. The band was founded in 2006 by musical producer Sami Jämsén. Until 2009 Tommi “Rotten” Virranta, Tapio Wilska (ex-Finntroll), Jani Luttinen and Reima Kellokoski (Impaled Nazarene) later replaced by Seppo Tarvainen joined the band to deliver a brutal modern death metal with melodic edges. On 06.06.2009 the band released a demo with 2 tracks “Reclaim My Heritage” followed by a full length album “CMXCIX” released on 09.09.2009.

Their performance was straight, well prepared and in a very death metal way… perfect basis for the masters to come. Only the light was nothing special for pictures and I found their songs a little too reiterative. Please feel free to check them at http://www.survivorszero.com and http://www.myspace.com/survivorszero

Few moments before 09 PM the place started to look more alive and crowded. People began to gather in the first lines waiting for the Swedish monsters to appear on stage. As a legend Hypocrisy was born in October 1991 in Stockholm. Soon Peter Tägtgren joined by bassist Mikael Hedlund, vocalist Masse Broberg and drummer Lars Szöke managed to put the band on its own legs and released their first album in 1992 Penetralia under Nuclear Blast’s giant wings. After the second released album in 1993 Osculum Obscenum vocalist Masse Broberg left the band. Remained the glorious trio and Peter had to take over lead vocals. With the third album released in 1994 The Fourth Dimension the band changed a little the musical direction introducing keyboards and adding a more mature air to their creativity.

Until 2008 Hypocrisy released full length legendary albums as Abducted, The Final Chapter, Hypocrisy, Into The Abyss, Catch 22, The Arrival, Virus as well as EPs, compilations, singles, DVDs and live albums. In 2009 Hypocrisy was back on the battle field releasing the album A Taste Of Extreme Divinity and planning their first tour after a huge break of almost five years. We can not blame Peter Tägtgren for being so busy with his other band Pain, with his studio The Abyss as well as with other projects. More info can be found on their official page http://www.hypocrisy.tv as well as on their myspace page www.myspace.com/hypocrisy

In Vienna their performance lasted around 75 minutes and was a great opportunity to see a professional approach on death metal. The sound was in total good but some small problems appeared here and there and Peter seemed to be a little too tense trying to make everything sound perfect. His voice was amazing, clear and at a perfect sequence though it was obvious he would need some rest. Several times I also had the feeling the giant Horgh is a little tired but he definitely took care to remain straight and focused. On the drums could be seen the artwork from A Taste Of Extreme Divinity and near on both sides were two Hypocrisy crosses. Second guitar was Tomas Elofsson, guitarist in Sanctification, band which released an album in 2009 in the Abyss studio. He did a great work during all gig and helped maintaining a good sound though I heard some not very positive opinions about his performance.

The playlist from Vienna was similar to the one used in all tour covering extracts from almost all their discography, legendary new and old songs everybody was expecting to hear. The show started with few new compositions from latest album but also took care not to exclude songs as Eraser, Killing Art, Final Chapter and A Coming Race that made the audience explode. Some were sad they did not play Warpath, song that was on the playlist. I will include an exact copy after the play list at the end.

The lights were this time great as you can see in the photo gallery from this event. The public was fantastic and involved. I saw a lot of people singing and reacting to Peter’s jokes as the one announcing a song for couples about kissing and hugging: “the next song is a romantic song… it’s a love song… Let the knife do the talking!”

Was a great and impressive show to remember for a long time. One band I was waiting to see live from more than ten years. Great is that soon I will have the chance to see Hypocrisy performing live two more times during summer festivals.

Hypocrisy- Vienna- 17 Feb. 2010

  1. Valley Of The Damned

  2. Hang Him High (gtr solo)- Drop Tune

  3. Fractured Millenium (gtr solo)

  4. Adjusting The Sun (gtr solo)

  5. Eraser

  6. Pleasure, Osculum, Penetralia- Medley (no click)

  7. Apocalypse, 4th Dimension- Medley (gtr solo)

  8. Killing Art (no click)

  9. A Coming Race (gtr solo)

  10. Let The Knife Do The Talking- Drop Tune

  11. Weed Out The Weak (gtr solo)

  12. Fire In The Sky

  13. Final Chapter

  14. Warpath

Intro 2

  1. Roswell 666