In Flames, 3 April 2009, Zlin, CZ

by Wintertale

First time when I went to Zlin, Czech Republic for In Flames concert on 3rd of April 2009. A few hours trip by car till the big parking from a shopping centre where Masters of Rock Café is located. The club is nicely made, big enough and they have no restrictions for photo cameras as in the majority of other locations. From the entrance you had to struggle a little to get to the concert hall as the gig was sold out. I can not estimate a number but it was a problem to buy a beer or to go to toilet. Not talking about letting your jacket to the wardrobe that was full. After few minutes spent inside you could feel yourself as coming from a night in an underground pub full of smoke.

Though there is a clear no smoking sign on the concert hall door many locals did not bother considering it. Few minutes and we managed to enter and find a good position to the stage. After first band (don’t remember name- blame me :P) finished it was possible to move around, of course until In Flames started and all became full again.

From the first moment it was clear it will be a great melodic death metal concert. The Swedish In Flames proved once more professionalism they gathered in their many years of activity and did their job as they know better. The playlist included also older songs in a bit different style. 17 songs delighted the exalted audience: Pinball Map, Delight and Angers, Drifter, Colony, The Hive, Cloud Connected, Alias, Move Through Me, Only For the Weak, Touch of Red, Disconnected, Come Clarity, The Quiet Place, Egonomic, Trigger, Take This Life and My Sweet Shadow.

The crowd was enthusiastic the whole time though the ticket included a free sauna. Ventilation in the concert hall was so bad (or was not?!) that you could feel how you are melting. All these details seemed unimportant at the time. The vocalist Anders Fridén had a gorgeous stage presence making jokes all the time with the audience between songs.

Few old favourite plays as Pinball Map and The Hive from 1997 Whoracle combined with the newest ones from Come Clarity as Take This Life and Sense of Purpose as Disconnected, Delight and Angers and Alias made a nice mix. Concerning the long term fans appreciating the old band style the concert gave a little bit different attitude. All things change, follow their path and mature. So did In Flames. Different behaviour, different style and another approach for the present times. All with dedication and professionalism. A great band to be seen live.