Lake Of Tears, Abigail and Tiarra - Arenele Romane

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Abigail opening for Lake of Tears at Arenele Romane
Photo: Vlad Busca

Since 2006, Lake of Tears have been rocking the Wallachian plains at least once every few years and once again, on a rainy June evening, they proved they can still do it. The Swedish old school doom/gothic metal band has been “threatening” their Romanian fans since February with a concert focusing on their eighth album “Illwill”, and as far as we’re concerned, they lived up to their promise! On the 25th of June, the first band to claim the stage of the Bucharest Roman Arenas was Tiarra, a Romanian gothic metal band whose contrasting elements stirred up the mood for about an hour before they laid down their instruments for the second band of the evening: Abigail, one of the elite doom metal bands in Romanian music industry.

Sound-wise, even though the beginning left something to be desired, things got progressively better as the show went on. While Tiarra’s instruments could barely be told apart, Lake of Tears sounded like a live concert is supposed to sound — it felt like the sound technicians woke up halfway through the show. Luckily, the beer was flowing and the crowds weren’t complaining.

Speaking of crowds, the audience came in all shapes and sizes, from middle-aged long time fans of LoT to music starved teens like myself, all there to get their share of good music and have their own fun. The best thing about this particular crowd was how very receptive they were; from the angry headbanging metalheads in the front lines to the happy-go-lucky wasted guys waltzing around on the heaviest tracks all the way in the back, almost everyone was having a good time.

The awesome thing about LoT concerts is that, having been in Romania several times before, it was kind of like a party where everyone knew everyone, where you meet old friends and make new ones. Lighters high up in the air people! A little nostalgia never killed anyone!

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Tiarra opening for Lake of Tears at Arenele Romane
Photo: Vlad Busca

After Abigail, the stars of the show finally fired up the stage; Lake of Tears raised more than a little hell, with both old and new songs like “Raven Land” and “Illwill”. The band also had a little surprise in store for the fans or, more accurately, one fangirl in particular who was called on stage by Daniel Brennare himself, who then passed the microphone to said fangirl’s boyfriend. He kindly and funnily explained to us that Cristina was the winner… of a husband. He then proceeded to chivalrously ask her to marry him, under the watchful eye of the encouraging audience and the band. Luckily she said yes, and the crowds cheered as Brennare showed up with a grin on his face and a large bouquet for the bride-to-be, congratulating the couple.

The show went on, with even more of the band’s “oldies but goldies”; “So Fell Autumn Rain” and “Forever Autumn” sounded especially good live, as the fans could be heard singing their hearts out.

Bottom line, even if it was no sold out event like the first Lake of Tears concert in Romania, it was still a very good show. The minor inconveniences were drowned out by the good stuff and lots of beer and people generally enjoyed the show. Here’s to seeing more of you guys! Rock on!

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Lake of Tears @ Arenele Romane
Photo: Vlad Busca

By Diana Popa


Setlist Lake of Tears

  • Taste of Hell
  • Illwill
  • A Foreign Road
  • Raven Land
  • The Greymen
  • The Hating
  • Boogie Bubble
  • Cosmic Weed
  • The Organ
  • Behind the Green Doors
  • As Daylight Yields
  • U.N.S.A.N.E.
  • The Shadowshires
  • House of the Setting Sun
  • Out of Control
  • Demon you/ Lilly Anne
  • Making Evenings
  • Crazyman
  • So Fell Autumn Night
  • Sweetwater
  • Forever Autumn
  • Burn Fire Burn


  • Burn!
  • new song
  • House Of Tears
  • No More Sun


  • Intro/Dark Days Are Coming…
  • Mirror/Rooms Without Windows
  • Astral Sleep
  • Sweet Cruelty
  • It Is The Night I Fear?
  • Bitterness/Tears
  • Sonet