Metal Camp 2009, July 2 - 7, Slovenia

by Wintertale

image - see following caption
Photo: Wintertale / StudioRock

The 6th edition of the Metalcamp festival took place between 2nd and 7th of July in the green country Slovenia, in the small mountain town Tolmin. Seven camping days and five concert days with bands that made the play list be extraordinary. After a two years break we found the same wonderful location and we enjoyed few days of long desired vacation. This year’s organization was almost excellent - the camping was big enough and organized, mainly lighted (on the path leading to stages they installed bulbs- unfortunately not till the end), the toilets were this time enough and every morning cleaned and washed both on the inside and outside, showers appeared in more places, food could be found for different tastes and beer as well (unfortunately only Union- 2,5 euro, Lasko being available only for media and artists at a price of 1 euro per can). The warranty and the counters necessary for a plastic glass - 1 euro - made the place to remain clean and the glass mountain not to exist like at the most festivals. Though, the weather was not on our side. Every day it rained, the sun appeared shy only occasionally for few hours. After the first days all camping surface became a huge marsh and the so called primary road in the camping was out of use with mud till ankle level. In the secondary stage and the merchandise (that was well diversified and arranged) area I noticed a machine that was cleaning the mud but in the main stage area was a small mud lake where the brave ones demonstrated their fighter talent.

Because of clouds and rain many preferred to hide in tents or under covers. With few exceptions the concert area was not too crowded. In the first evening at the beach bar people listened music, drunk and partied till the dawns despite the not so high temperature. For the interested ones there was also a striptease demonstration.

Mainly the playlist remained the same with small changes- delays caused by the weather and changes in the running order. Ancient bands that always surprise with their professionalism like Destruction, Kreator, Testament, Sodom, Napalm Death managed to gather the fans and make the atmosphere explode. Kreator closed the festival in their specific style- extraordinary music and a lot of jokes. Nightwish appeared with their new vocal and tried to maintain the same status won by the band along the years. One of the really impressing bands was Lamb of God- decided, well trained and ready to conquer all. Of course Amon Amarth demonstrated their fighter spirit and made a memorable show.

Death Angel, Kataklysm, Blind Guardian, Sonic Syndicate, Legion of the Damned, Edguy were full of energy. Satyricon had a special show- different to the ones few years ago but professional. Belphegor demonstrated and lived moments of extreme metal leaving behind a lot of work for the ones that had to clean the stage. At Dimmu Borgir access with the cameras in the first lines and in the media area was restricted. The show was great, even a little more advanced than few years ago. About Deathstars…the majority of feminine gender fans had once more the occasion to admire their idols and for the others was a good occasion to listen something more relaxing and to drink a beer. Hatebreed and Down gathered the crowd and made the atmosphere hot and Vader maintained their performance level high. Since the time did not allow a circus visit, then Dragonforce proposed to compensate. They were talented musicians and acrobats as well.

Negura Bunget were present from Romania - or what remained from the old band. The drummer Negru demonstrated how a beginner band sounds like and made the gathered public to disappear immediately with bored faces. Unfortunately it was one of the weakest performances from the main stage. Once with the rain, came the time for My Dying Bride. An emotive and sensitive appearance for all who love the style.

After seven days of hard and very hard mud the moment for trying to exit the camping came - for 10 euro with the help of a tractor. The locals have found a way to make money. Also incidents with missing things from the tents existed and in one morning we noticed how three locals were finding their way between the tents trying to see what they can take as a memory.

In the end a well made festival despite the weather. Many intense moments and concerts when you forget aspects connected to reality and you enjoy the vacation and the free time.