Monarchy - March 14, 2010 - Coyote Cafe, Bucharest, RO

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Photo: Sabin Iacob / StudioRock

Romanian band Monarchy (melodic progressive-power-metal) made their first appearance with a new line-up in Coyote Club, Bucharest, on Sunday, March 14, 2010. They are not a new name on the Romanian rock scene, but, due to numerous changes inside the band, they stayed most of the time in the underground.

I didn’t know much about Monarchy before the concert. They got my attention last year, after I had the chance to hear a few songs from their latest release, Jamming, during the live interview Lenti Chiriac had with them in his radio show, Studio Rock.

The concert started with Soul Capture, Earthquake and Soul Insanity. After the first riffs, the space in front of the stage became packed, as the band aroused the curiosity of casual club customers - many of them being there just for a drink, unaware of the concert. The show continued with Tribute, Endless Journey _and _Rise and Fall, all of them being the band's own compositions, a combination between power and progressive metal, new and old. The main strength of the band is Dragos Cretu’s voice, which reminds me of one of my favorite bands, Qeensryche. Also impressive were the band's skills, fully demonstrated by Iulian Rob and Eduard Moraru - guitars, Cornel Stefan - keyboards, Marian Leușteanu - bass, and last, but not least, Geani Matei - drums.

Since the public requested an encore, the evening ended with two covers, Breaking the Law (Judas Priest) and Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple), rewarded with a long round of applause by the the public.

In the end, I would like to congratulate the band for this great performance, and for their venue choice.