Ordo Rosarius Equilibro - Experimental Friday II

The Ordo Rosarius Equilibro concerts was the third one they had in Romania, but it was the first where Thomas Peterson & Co. have performed alone on the stage of the elegant club Kulturhaus – a great location for smaller sized events.

There was a new bassist in the band, Fredrik Leijström and a guitarist, Ronnie Bäck, both being a real gain for this project. Besides them, the electronic drumkit was taken care of by Fredrik Bergström, founding member of the famous project, No Festival No Light and who was also present for the other O.R.E. shows in Romania.

We didn't miss the merchandise stand where one could acquire the new releases or new O.R.E. t-shirts. Unfortunately, my favorite album, Cocktils Carnage Crucifiction and Pornography cannot be found yet as it has been sold out for a while. A reprint would be welcome among the newer fans who have recently just discovered this wonderful musical project.

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Photo: Andrei Oprea / StudioRock

There were about 150 people in the crowd, decent enough considering the intimate concert. Honestly, I would have expected more, especially from those belonging to the gothic/darkwave/industrial “community”, but there probably was a competing event at the same time. In the end, it's still the metal crowd who financially supported such events. I'm certain that those who attended, regardless of their main musical preferences, were pretty familiar with the music of Ordo Rosarious Equilibrio.

Most of the songs played this evening were from the latest album, Songs 4 Hate&Devotion, an album more shoegaze than the other compositions from Thomas Peterson&Co.. This is probably due to the fact that he just switched record companies. The current label is called “Out Of Line” and is more specialised in E.B.M. bands. This is a detail worth considering, especially that until now the O.R.E. albums were under the label of “Cold Meat Industry”.

The concert itself was surprisingly dynamic, spiced up with a bondage performance of a young couple from Berlin. Zamil is a senior editor for the Bondage Magazine and he has been performing Kinbaku Art for quite a while now. This type of artistic manifestation was born in Japan, a long time ago, during tumultuous years in the country's history. Zamil was in Bucharest exactly for this performance and he was joined by a beautiful lady partner, in contradiction with the initial Kinbaku spirit, where you tie an opponent by a rope.

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Photo: Andrei Oprea / StudioRock

Back to the concert, the band managed to cover till the end the whole repository of releases. They had songs from each album, except The Triumph of Light… and Thy Thirteen Shadows of Love, The Wedlock of Roses, and Equilibrium or Cocktails Carnage Crucifixion and Pornography, the last one being my favorite. The stage performance was well prepared by the band members, and we could see and feel their complete devotion to their art. Every event is different, there's no two that are the same and this is also thanks to the organisers DonisArt & Kogaionon.

After a well deserved applause session, the band returned for an encore of 5 songs, enough for the Kinbaku Art bondage show delivered by the fore mentioned couple. The show consisted of attaching the female partner to a ring in the ceiling with a rope. It is difficult to explain in words, but combined with the music of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, the performance heated the atmosphere even more through the eroticism shown by the couple. The woman was having few clothes and her eroticism was outlined through her facial expression and each sensual movement made alongside her partner. The man's passion was reflected in the way he tied and touched his partner. It was an art that we should consider, especially since the band's main call is “make Love and War”. We carry this fight every day, and the war and love always march together.

Overall, even if the night seemed like it would be rather boring, it turned out to be quite an insane one and this makes me believe that the band's next concert will bring even more surprises.

I think we are in need of such events. They are at the opposite extreme of what we see on TV, of the non culture promoted there and it is a slap over the face of those who try to obtain financial advantages out of anything and in a very short time. I'd love to be bothered as often as possible by such events.

Good night Romania, wherever you may be.