The launch of Autumn's latest album

When I arrived at the venue, the doors were still closed and a few people were waiting to get in. This would actually prove to be the tendency of the evening. Everything was late, but nobody complained. After a few minutes the doors finally opened. Once inside, I noticed nobody was in a hurry tonight. Not the band, not the fans. Where the bands are rarely late at this venue, we had to wait a long time. Scheduled start was at 20:00, the band entered the stage a few minutes after 21:00.

Then the weirdest part happened. Everybody just stood and watched the band get ready. It was awfully quiet. When the first tunes of Synchro-Minds entered the venue, there were only smiles on both the audience and the band. Since this song was released (Altitude, 2009), the band changed the lead vocalist. The new vocalist, Marjan, brought her own style to this song and reminded us in nothing at all of Nienke, her predecessor. The set continued with Paradise Nox from the same album, and then went even further back with Blue Wine.

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Photo: Frank Wijers / StudioRock

Then it was finally time to get to the new album. Though I listened to it a few times before the gig, I never thought of it as a super-album. It’s good enough to keep listening without getting bored, but not enough songs were mind-blowing. The performance this night was at some points better than the album. The atmosphere in the venue helped a lot to this. Being in the smallest of the three stages there, with about 200 people, it was full, but not packed. The band took some time to talk to some people, giving it a really intimate feeling.

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Photo: Frank Wijers

After just over an hour, the band announced that this was normally the time to get off stage and wait a while to return. Instead, they would just stay on the stage and do the encore. With most songs coming from the latest two albums, the older fans were a bit disappointed not many songs of the first two records were played. But the almost 90 total minutes of playing time helped getting over that. With the gig finished, the band came in the audience and talked to everybody who wanted to, which not so many bands do nowadays. Definitely a band to see again on a future tour.


  • Synchro-Minds
  • Paradise Nox
  • Blue Wine
  • The Scarecrow
  • Cold Comfort
  • The Heart Demands
  • Retrospect
  • Alloy
  • End of Sorrow
  • BSBS
  • Naeon
  • Altitude


  • Forget To Remember
  • Satellites
  • The Venamoured