Interview with Matlary Miklos of Nevergreen

StudioRock conducted an interview with Matlary Miklos of Nevergreen, one of the bands invited to play at this year's edition of the Peninsula Festival 2011.

StudioRock: Who is Nevergreen and how would you describe your music?

Nevergreen was founded in 1994 in Hungary by Miklos Matlary – keyboards and Slobodan Macura – vocals and bass guitar. We took part in the Marlboro Rock Fest competition in 1994, where we won the second place, but we got the reward for the first place – a 6 album contract from former Polygram, now Universal. We released our first album – Game Over – in 1994 and with that we became the leading Hungarian Gothic Metal band until the present. I can describe our music as Gothic - Doom metal. The Hungarian / Serbian media compare us with Paradise Lost and Black Sabbath.

StudioRock: Tell me something about the band history and future plans

After the first album which put us among the most popular metal bands in Hungary, we released the second album, Az éj szeme. After that we changed our record label, and we are now with Hammer Records – a Hungarian label. In the mean time we became well known in Serbia too. We are from Serbia, and the last 3 albums were recorded in two languages, Hungarian and English. We played on every big festival in Hungary, like Sziget, before or after bands like Apocaliptyca, Within Temptation, etc and in Serbia at Zentai. In Romania we played at Peninsula and Rockmaraton – Odorheiu Secuiesc, and we will play again at Peninsula on August 27th, on the main stage .

StudioRock:How do you compose your music? It is a group process or a individual one?

There are two composers in Nevergreen, me and Slobodan Bob Macura. We write the lyrics too. We always compose what we like, never try to have some strategy to make the band more popular with actual streaming in rock / metal music. What we like and feel is what we compose and play. And we like a very extreme hard and dark kind of metal, but melodic at the same time.

StudioRock: How do you choose what cover to play? Is there any criteria?

We choose songs that we like, from pop music and classic music, songs which are dark enough to be a Nevergreen cover, like Depeche Mode, Black, and now the Madonna cover Frozen. We made a Carmina Burana O Fortuna cover too, from classic music. The latter is actually one of the best, along with the cover of Madonna's Frozen. However, we are not a cover band at all. We have our metal hits, well known in Hungary, like Amok and Hunger for Blood.

StudioRock: What makes Nevergreen a special band?

Nevergreen is indeed a very special band, for many reasons: there is no band to play metal like we do, with our particular mix of Gothic Doom and Symphonic metal with some industrial influences. We have a male lead vocal, Bob Macura, supported by an operatic female vocal, and a very hard but rich sound because of the guitar / Synthesizer fusion. No other band sounds like us. And there are more special things in this band: we are popular in Hungary, in Transylvania (Romania), Slovakia, Vojvodina (Serbia), now we are beginning to be popular in former Yugoslav republics Sebia and Croatia. At the moment we are most popular in Hungary, but the band is from Serbia – Vojvodina. In this band there are Hungarians and Serbians. So it’s complicated, but that all makes Nevergreen a very special metal band, with a cult status in the tcentral Europe / Balkan region.

Nevergreen is: Bob Macura - vocals, bass and rhythm guitars Miklos Matlary - keyboards Szabolcs Eros - lead guitar Tamas Kovacs -Moti - drums

Honorary, occasional members: Mica Kovacevic - Mc Mike -drums Valentina Simon - Tina - vocals * Andras Ispan - bass guitar