Interview with Myrath

Myrath is an metal band from Tunisia who will play in Romania twice this year, as a support band for Orphaned Land. Anis Jouini, their bass player, agreed to answer a few questions from us.

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Myrath playing at ProgPower Europe 2010
Photo: Sabin Iacob / StudioRock

Let’s start by asking what's happening in the life of Myrath. What is new in 2011?

We have a new album called “Tales of the Sands” that was released in September 2011, we have also embarked in a one month long European tour in support of Orphaned Land (along with Arkan and Artweg). We also have a new drummer, Piwee Desfray from France.

And what is old?

I guess we are one year older since you have attended our show in Barloo Holland in October 2nd 2010 at Progpower Europe.

How would you describe your music style in 2011 and what are the influences?

I would describe it as prog-power oriental metal, a blend between metal and traditional Tunisian melodies, scales and harmonies enhanced with balanced orchestration using traditional instruments. In fact our new style reflects the inspiration we get from the metal music of our influence and the traditional Tunisian music of our origins.

What can you tell me about the new album? What do you bring new with “Tales of the Sands”, what is the album's message?

With Tales of the Sands we put a lot more emphasis on the blend between prog-power metal and traditional Tunisian music in an effort to come up with a style of our own that will hopefully became a trade mark proper to Myrath.

We think that with this new album we are bringing winds of change to the metal scene the way the Tunisian revolution has sparked the Arab spring to spread democracy in the Arab world.

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Zaher Zorgati of Myrath, at ProgPower Europe 2010
Photo: Sabin Iacob / StudioRock

Who produced it, and how long took to compose and record it?

The new album Tales of the Sands was:

  • composed in November 2010
  • Recorded at X Fade Studio in Nanterre, France in December 2010, except the orchestration which was recorded at the Taher Guizani GT. Records studio in Sousse, Tunisia in February 2011
  • Engineered and Produced by: Kevin Codfert at X Fade Studio
  • Mixed by Fredrik Nordstrom, Henrik Udd & Kevin Codfert at Fredrman Studio in Stockholm, Sweden (Fredrik Nordstrom mixed the albums of famous bands such as Dimmu Borgir and In Flames)
  • Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios in Orebro, Sweden (Jens Bogren mastered Symphony X albums)

Who did the cover for your album? Can you please explain the concept?

We are very proud that the Artwork was made by our countryman, talented young Tunisian artist Bader Klidi, who has just graduated from Tunis Arts University.

We do not recall an artwork to garner so much praise; the concept of the artwork is that it reflects the title of the album “Tales of the sands”, and symbolizes the mix between western and Arabian cultures.

You are touring this month with Orphaned Land and Arkan. Is this your biggest tour so far? Did you play in Eastern Europe before?

Yes, this is our biggest tour so far, it’s a month long European tour which will be immediately followed by a one week mini tour in Europe with Myrath as headliner We have never played in Eastern Europe before, so we are really excited to play in Eastern countries such as Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the ongoing European tour

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Anis Jouini of Myrath, at ProgPower Europe 2010
Photo: Sabin Iacob / StudioRock

Was it difficult to arrange a tour in this formula?

Well the tour is organized by K_PRODUCTION from France, they did all the work, but the terms and conditions for Myrath taking part of this tour were not easy, it took some time before all the details were worked out.

How did you find the new drummer? What is his history?

Piwee Desfray joined the band after we selected him on the basis of the audition of many other drummers from various countries, mainly France and Belgium. The audition process took several months.

Piwee has a master degree in musicology and has been playing drums since the age of 11. He is also a session musician and a demonstrator endorsed by Mapex, Yamaha and other brands so he is very versatile and can play all kinds of music, even Jazz. He played with several bands in the past, but mainly Heavenly from France

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans who will see you live this tour?

We wish to thank all our fans for their invaluable support and hope that they will attend our shows in upcoming European Tour.

We are also looking forward to meeting our Romanian fans in the following concerts:

  • 08.12.2011 Romania - Irish Music Club - Cluj Napoca
  • 09.12.2011 Romania - Silver Church - Bucharest

We hope also that they will buy our new album “Tales of the Sands” and trust that it will meet or exceed their expectations.

For those who do not know much about us yet, please check us out at and on Facebook

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Myrath crowd at ProgPower Europe 2010
Photo: Sabin Iacob / StudioRock