Interview with Ryan Gardner - Rose Funeral

Lenti Chiriac conducted an interview with Ryan Gardner (Vocals/Guitar)of Rose Fineral. In this Interview Ryan talks about their last album, Gates Of Punishment, released via Metal Blade Records.

Lenti: Please let me know how did everything started with Rose Funeral?

Ryan: We started about 6 years ago in Cincinnati Ohio. We all were in separate local bands that came together to form something new for Cincinnati.

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Photo: Metal Brade Records

Lenti:Why did you choose death metal and which bands have influenced you in this direction?

Ryan: I have always been a fan of heavy and pissed off music. I was influenced by Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Crowbar, etc just those old school pissed off bands.

Lenti: How did you get in touch with Metal Blade?

Ryan: Metal Blade actually got in touch with us by email. I checked my inbox one day and they had hit me up. We worked a deal with them and put out 2 albums so far! They are great guys and a good family to be with!

Lenti: When have you start to compose the debut album?

Ryan: We actually had been working on the album for about a year off and on. We think this CD is very fast paced, brutal, heavy, crushing, symphonic, and emotional. You definitely can listen to this album from start to finish. It is not repetitive and can be enjoyed all the way through!

Lenti: How do you see now your debut album?

Ryan: We definitely are excited for this release. It is such a step up for us and we cannot wait to continue our sound and mature it over the years to come!

Lenti: What have you done between 2009 and 2011?

Ryan: We all have been working on the new CD and getting some money together through our jobs. We had toured consecutively through 09-10.

Lenti: Let’s speak now about your new album and give some details about the new songs, lyrics, production etc.

Ryan: We stepped it up on this album for our musicianship. We think it delivers well! The lyrics are all about blasphemy. We like the whole dark, decrepit, offensive, and brutal touch to our lyrics. The music portion is very dark as well. We do have our melodic moments that we love, but we definitely wanted to up the ante on this album. The production came out very well. 2 studios were involved. TME Studios and Velocity Studios. The end result meshed very well!

Lenti: Why did you choose Tucker as a guest musician and why not another musician?

Ryan: We chose Steve because for one he is an awesome singer for two he was in a legendary death metal band Morbid Angel. His vocals definitely fit the style we had been writing. It also helped he was good buds with the owner of the studio in Cincinnati Ohio. He added an awesome touch to the track!

Lenti: How do you see the new album compare to the first one?

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Ryan: We think this album smokes the last one. It is a HUGE step up for us. It does have its RF touch, but we definitely think the musicianship and technicality on this album has reached new heights for Rose Funeral. We are excited to take it even further for the next record.

Lenti: How do you see Rose Funeral in the actual death metal scene?

Ryan: That's a tough one because have some pure death metal parts, but we also have some hardcore parts. We play what we like and it sucks turds have to fight over what you do. We are excited to see how the new album does on the road with new fans.

Lenti: What is more important to know about the last album?

Ryan: We had a small time frame to write the last album, plus we have some new members now since then. I cant really compare because each member has different writing styles. I really enjoy the guys i work with and they are all bad ass musicians.

Lenti: Why this band name?

Ryan: We didnt want to go with a typical death metal band name. We wanted something more poetic. It doesn't really mean anything, but it does flow well. We just like hearing people say “I didnt expect to hear this with a band name like that!”

Lenti: Thank you all for the interview! Take care

Author: Lenti Chiriac

“Gates Of Punishment” track listing:

  • Legions Of Ruination
  • Grotesque Mutilation
  • Beyond The Entombed
  • False Divine (feat. Steve Tucker)
  • Arise Infernal Existence
  • Malignant Amour (feat. Kate Alexander)
  • A Recreant Canticle
  • The Desolate Form
  • Entercism
  • Amidst Gehenna
  • Gates Of Punishment
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Photo: Metal Brade Records