Memento Waltz - progressive metal from Sardinia

After the great performance of the Italian band Memento Waltz at ProgPower Europe 2011, Studio Rock followed up with the band to discuss about Memento Waltz music and future plans.

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Giuseppe Deiana of Memento Waltz, playing at ProgPower Europe 2011
Photo: Sabin Iacob / StudioRock

Let's start with a short history of the band. Who is Memento Waltz, and when did you start as a band?

Gabriele: Memento Waltz was born in Tempio Pausania (Sardinia, Italy) in 1994, from an idea of three friends with the passion for music and especially to improve their technical abilities, to free their emotions and feelings. Marco joined the project in 2006, and with him we recorded our latest EP called “Antithesis of Time”, the ticket to Progpower Europe 2011.

How would you describe your music and what are the influences? Do you have any favourite bands?

Livio: We play tech metal with psychedelic and jazz influences, we use to be free and we like to be “crazy” so much. Our songs have no classic structures, no limits. Our personal influences are from jazz to death metal, but Memento Waltz is very inspired from Cynic, Spiral Architect, Ark and King Crimson.

Gabriele: That inspiration is hidden into the core of our sound, into the heart because, if you listen to “Antithesis of Time“, you will discover a genuine sound, a new sound, totally personal.

How do you do things in Memento Waltz, how do you write the music, who writes the lyrics?

Livio: Our studio is full of microphones and connected to a digital recorder. We record everything, especially our improvisations, taking the best parts to make the “puzzle” of the song. Everything comes from the improvisation. Nothing is calculated, in fact we don't use refrains or “catchy” melodies.

Marco: I write the lyrics and I try to be Memento Waltz-like. I just put the song on my phones and I start to write, guided by the emotions of the sounds.

How long does it take for you to write a song?

Marco: Impossible to accurately tell. A lot of songs were born in 10 minutes, other songs in one or two weeks. We don't care about that, because our goal is to be satisfied by the quality of our music at first.

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Marco Piu and Livio Poier of Memento Waltz, playing at ProgPower Europe 2011
Photo: Sabin Iacob / StudioRock

Do you have plans for a new album?

Yes, actually we are working on the new album. The only sure thing is the title: “Division by Zero“. We are finishing the arrangements and we will start the recordings very very soon (between December and January 2012) in our studio.

Did you study music, is this your main job? What are you doing for a living?

Gabriele: Music is only a passion for us. We have “main” jobs and our life in the studio is “only” the result of our need to express ourselves and to live great moments together.

Marco: Our secret is to have the only ambition to create great songs. The “next” step is only a big present for us :)

How was your experience at ProgPower Europe? How did you find the public?

Gabriele: Playing at Progpower Europe 2011 has been incredible. The crowd was really amazing! We didn't expect anything from this. The aftershow was incredible too, we found and met a lot of friends and fan, who came from a lot of different countries. We discovered a lot of people following us, talking about us and especially love our music!

What about the progressive metal stage in Italy? Is it easy for you to book a show in Italy? How is it working with the local promoters?

Marco: In Italy there isn't any progressive metal stage, there isn't even a metal stage! There are a lot of good bands for sure, but the stage, the “scene” is really poor because of the nature of our people. As I always say “Italy is a non-metal country full of Italian metallers” :) We prefer looking up to Europe and the rest of the world instead of Italy. We don't know English very well and we have promoted our promo in Italy, in Italian, but we sold the most part of Antithesis of Time abroad… may you tell me why? I think if we would be American or English, the “average italian metaller” would have loved us! However, there are a lot of zines that speak about us very well in Italy, but it's not enough for now. In Europe it's totally different.

It is very hard to find something on youtube with you, where can we listen to your music?

We like playing in big gigs only, because we need good sound and “special” moments. Progpower Europe was a big gig for us, so you can listen to Memento Waltz on Myspace. We have been playing since 1994, but our “live” history is very young!

Memento Waltz are:
Marco Piu - vocal
Livio Poier - guitars
Giuseppe Deiana - bass
Gabriele Maciocco - drums