Autumn to take the stage

Autumn to take the stage

Dutch rock collective Autumn have released their fifth studio album (third on Metal Blade Record) last November, called Cold Comfort. While recording the album, the band tried to use a real vintage sound. Therefore, one of the rooms deep within the 013 venue, where the band will return on February 10th, was filled with all kinds of old amps and other equipment.

“Cold Comfort” is one of those albums that really can’t be put in a certain genre. There are grunge songs that remind of the late nineties like “Retrospect” or “The Venamoured”, more progressive sounding songs like “Naeon”, but there’s also room for the ballads. The song “Alloy” can be put in that category best.

The vocals of Marjan Welman are the thing that stood out most this album. Her vocals were much stronger than on previous albums, where the vocals were more a part of the music than standing out.

Autumn - Cold Comfort

  1. The Scarecrow
  2. Cold Comfort
  3. Black Stars In A Blue Sky
  4. retrospect
  5. Alloy
  6. End Of Sorrow
  7. Naeon
  8. Truth Be Told (Exhale)
  9. The Venamoured Bonustracks:
  10. Changes For The Bitter
  11. The Mute (Inhale)