Carpatica working on their début album

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Carpatica live @ OST Mountain Fest 2010
Photo: Sabin Iacob / StudioRock

Bucharest based pagan metal band Carpatica have been in the Negură Music studio working on their début album for more than two weeks already. The record is titled La Capătul Vremii (Romanian for “end of time”), contains 7 songs — about 40 minutes — and will be released later this year. Along with the band members (Matei — voice and traditional instruments, Șobo — bass, Andrei — guitar and voice, Oksana — violin and Paul — drums and percussion), the album features guest performances by Dumitru Palagiuc — flute on the 6 songs, Inia Dinia of Negură Bunget — intro and Ageru Pămîntului of Negură Bunget — vocals for Tainele Uitate, together with Matei.

The song titles are:

  1. Intro
  2. Nedeia Cetate
  3. Tainele Uitate
  4. Adormit În Munți
  5. Chemare
  6. Legea Străbună
  7. Tăierea Viei