Cavalleria Events launches the first incorporated services

Cavalleria Events launches the first incorporated services packages on the musical market.

Configured in two segments, the Cavalleria Events packages offer many benefits for the concerts lovers, but also for the bands that belongs to the company portfolio.


The products from the Fanzone are for those who love the live music:

By buying one of the services package they benefit by free access to a limited number of events from the company portfolio, but also to another events on the music market. The prices for the packages vary from 25 euros to 350 euros per year. The most complex package which costs 350 euros, offer to the owner: free access to all Cavalleria events, two non-Cavalleria festivals, organized in Romania, during the year in which the card is available, bonus a voucher booze & catering.


The packages for the artists who join the Cavalleria booking agency have the prices between 125 euros and 1.750 euros per year. The benefits aim for the artist promotion and his inclusion in the line-up for a limited numbers of events, based on his choice.

The packages owners from the Cavalleria offer, will get a card that certify the membership to the Cavalleria community and their chosen benefits.

The launching for those packages it will be celebrate on June 28th with a concert, preceded by a press conference. On the stage will perform: COD, Akral Necrosis, Metrock, Sinscape and Negativ. The host for both events will be the Ageless Club, free access.


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