Cynic new EP Streaming in full

Progressive rock/metal band Cynic will release a new EP, “Carbon-Based Anatomy”, on November 15 in North America via Season Of Mist.

The new material can be listen here by courtesy of Pitchfork.

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Photo: Season Of Mist

“Carbon-Based Anatomy” track listing:

  1. Amidst The Coals
  2. Carbon-Based Anatomy
  3. Bija!
  4. Box Up My Bones
  5. Elves Beam Out
  6. Hieroglyph

The artwork was designed by the great Robert Venosa, the artist behind the covers of Cynic's previous releases “Focus”, “Traced in Air” and “Re-Traced”.

Paul Masvidal describes this new EP as “both a philosophical as well as a musical journey, one that begins in the Amazon jungle on the lips of a shamanic wisewoman (as portrayed by Amy Correia) and ends in outerspace.”

Source: Freeman Promotions