Damian Wilson - ‘Best-Of’ Compilation

This retrospective will span two CDs and features remastered tracks from throughout Wilson's solo career, re-recorded versions of important songs and previously unreleased new material.

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Damian Wilson
Photo: Lars Baehren / StudioRock

I Thought The World Was Listening. 1997-2011 will be released on CD and as digital download.

The album can be pre-ordered from August 2 to October 2. The Pre-Order Package includes:

  • A signed copy of the CD
  • A bonus CD as digital download, featuring the live set Damian did in 2006 with Stream of Passion
  • A Damian Wilson Band t-shirt - 2 designs to choose from
  • A Damian Wilson Band stick-on tattoo

Source: www.damian-wilson.net