Encore Metal Festival

FINAL STEP PRODUCTIONS brings you ENCORE METAL FESTIVAL! Encore Metal Festival opens its doors Saturday, May 18th, and is waiting for you to enjoy 2 days full of good bands, local and international. The festival held in the awesome venue of Quantic and it is supported by Encore Club.

First confirmations: Harakiri for the sky (AT) - post black metal

Lucifer's Child (GR) - progressive black metal
Fallcie (RU) - female fronted metal
Magnetic (BG) - crossover / nu-metal
Melancholy (RU) - progressive / fusion metal

Tickets can be found on iaBilet.ro : https://www.iabilet.ro/bilete-encore-metal-festival-39675/

2 days passes: - first 50 tickets / 80 RON - until May 17th / 100 RON - after the festival starts / 120 RON

1 day tickets - until May 17th / 60 RON - after the festival starts / 70 RON

IABILET: https://www.iabilet.ro/bilete-encore-metal-festival-39675/

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Photo: final step