Manes released the single “Young Skeleton”

Manes released the new single ‘Young Skeleton‘ on April 18. The cover, ‘Laksefiskerens siste sommer II‘, is the work of Erik Kili Olsen. Today you can see the video of the song “Young Skeleton”:

Manes on this recording is Tor-Helge Skei, Rune Hoemsnes, Torstein Parelius and viNd, with Tom Engelsøy on vocals. Video by Snorre Hovdal for Dispenser Media.

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Photo: manes

The physical 7” vinyls can be ordered here:

Marbled vinyl and limited deluxe bundles are sold out, but we still have the transparent hand numbered version and the white vinyl left in stock. You can also find other rare Manes releases in the Aftermath Music Norway webshop.

Young Skeleton, an album by Manes on Spotify

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