New bands confirmed for BA 2012

New York Hardcore legends AGNOSTIC FRONT, Atlanta-based post-hardcore/metal band NORMA JEAN and Swiss elektro/industrial dark metallers SAMAEL have been confirmed as new acts for Brutal Assault Festival 2012.

Unfortunately, Canadian band PROTEST THE HERO have been forced to cancel BA Festival due to some term collision with their US tour.

  1. Update Nov. 25, 2011: First confirmed bands for Brutal Assault 2012!

    First confirmed bands for Brutal Assault Festival 2012, set to take place August 9-11, 2012 in Josefov, Czech Republic, have been announced.Bands like IMMORTAL, MOONSPELL, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, PARADISE LOST, TEXTURES, INCANTATION, VIRUS, ARKONA, GENERAL SURGERY or CATTLE DECAPITATION will appear in Old Army Fortress next summer.Watch for actual information about new bands and tickets. Reactivated American industrial metal band MINISTRY have confirmed their appearance at the Brutal Assault Festival 2012! Reunited line-up headed by Al Jourgensen will introduce new album “Relapse” which will be released March 30th 2012. MINISTRY line-up will exist of Al Jourgensen, Mike Scaccia (Rigor Mortis), Tommy Victor (Prong), AAron Rossi (Prong), John Bechdel (Prong) and Tony Campos (Static-X). Other confirmed acts are Norwegian legendary black/avant-garde metal band ARCTURUS and Finnish melodic death metallers NORTHER.

    Norwegian symphonic black metallers DIMMU BORGIR, German thrash metal pionners SODOM and American deathers THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER have been confirmed for Brutal Assault 2012.

    It is a return after two years from their last attendance - Brutal Assault 2012 confirms American hardcore/metal band CONVERGE!

    Other confirmed bands are American thrashers HEATHEN and Canadian progressive metal band PROTEST THE HERO.


    FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, one of a mayor influential gothic/doom band of the eighties has been confirmed for Brutal Assault Festival 2012.

    Another confirmed acts are SHAPE OF DESPAIR (funeral doom metal, Finland) and RISE AND FALL (hardcore, Belgium).

    As you may have noticed, we have launched the Hungarian BA website a few days ago as well as the Russian topics were added to the forum.

  3. Update Dec. 16, 2011: Headliner confirmed: MACHINE HEAD!

    We are pleased to announce that American metal legend MACHINE HEAD is officially the new headliner of Brutal Assault festival 2012.

    Masters of their craft and a band which has been redefining the genre of metal for two decades. Now, four years since the epic success of „The Blackening“, new MACHINE HEAD studio album „Unto The Locust“ was released this year.

    The Old Fortress in Josefov is ready to host one of the most important metal bands in history. Be ready forMACHINE fucking HEAD!!!

    Other confirmed bands are Finnish melodic death metal band INSOMNIUM and German death metal legendMORGOTH.

  4. Update Dec. 27, 2011: Moshpit will go non-stop with HATEBREED and SUICIDE SILENCE

    Today we announce three bands that will for sure cause loose of kilograms that you may gain during the X-Mass.

    All of them coming from the States, all of them will make you mosh like crazy: HATEBREED, SUICIDE SILENCEand MUNICIPAL WASTE.

    Ticket presale starts on January 01st, 2012.

  5. Update Jan. 10, 2012: Further dose of newly confirmed bands headed by IMMOLATION

    New York-based death metal veterans IMMOLATION, VALLENFYRE - U.K. death/doom metal band featuring members of My Dying Bride, Doom or Paradise Lost and Polish progressive band RIVERSIDE are becoming a part of the Brutal Assault 2012.

    Ticket sale starts on January 10th!

    It's hard to believe that it took 16 years to wait for Brutal Assault premiere for Floridas archfiends DEICIDE. One of the most important bands who was there when US death metal was evoken to its abominable existence. Deicide will deliver the best from their discography including still fresh record “To Hell With God”.

    Otherwise, new wave thrash metallers WARBRINGER are no newbies to our festival and we are glad to welcome them here once again.

    Special event is concert comeback of gore grinders AHUMADO GRANUJO, whose fame reached far away from borders of our small country, as testified by upcoming mexican tour. This is their only performance planned for summer 2012.


    North Carolina stoner metal legend CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, Icelandic post-rock/metal band SÓLSTAFIRand Canadian death metal band GORGUTS have been confirmed for Brutal Assault 2012.

  7. Update Feb. 17, 2012: GODFLESH, NILE and KAMPFAR confirmed for Brutal Assault 2012

    This is another part of the mosaic called Brutal Assault 2012.

    GODFLESH, industrial metal pioneers from Birmingham, UK, formed in 1988 by Justin Broadrick and G. C. Green, have confirmed their appearance at BA 2012. The group disbanded in 2002 but reformed in 2010, appearing in few festivals and starting to produce a new studio album.

    Another confirmed acts are American extreme technical death metallers NILE and Norwegian black metallersKAMPFAR.

    In the meantime we would like to inform you about some news connected to the 17th volume of the festival: Brutal Assault is now officialy a 4-day festival since the regular Wednesday’s warm-up party has been included in the official program. You can look forward to the best from Czech and Slovak Metal scene!

    There will also be a new indoor stage on the festival this year. You can find it at the chill-out zone „Greenfield“ and it will offer a wide choice of „smaller“ bands playing there every night of the festival.

    The last news will please our Russian speaking fans. We have launched the first ever Russian BA website, reachable from the language menu on the left. Enjoy!

  8. Update Feb. 24, 2012: Brutal Assault confirms FINNTROLL, SKARHEAD and ROOT

    Finnish „humppa-folk metallers“ FINNTROLL, New York hardcore veterans SKARHEAD and Czech black metal legend ROOT have been officially added to the BA 2012 line up.

  9. Update March 15, 2012: New bands confirmed for BA!

    FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM, one of a mayor influential gothic/doom band of the eighties has been confirmed for Brutal Assault Festival 2012.

    Another confirmed acts are SHAPE OF DESPAIR (funeral doom metal, Finland) and RISE AND FALL (hardcore, Belgium).

    As you may have noticed, we have launched the Hungarian BA website a few days ago as well as the Russian topics were added to the forum.

  10. Update April 3, 2012: Brutal Assault announces NAPALM DEATH, CROWBAR and ALCEST

    British grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH, New Orleans sludge metal legends CROWBAR and French shoegazing band ALCEST are newly confirmed bands for Brutal Assault Festival 2012.

  11. Update May 1, 2012: KYLESA, ENGEL a INQUISITION confirmed for BA 2012.

    Georgia-based psych-sludge metal band KYLESA, Swedish melodic thrash/death metallers ENGEL and American black metal band INQUISITION have been confirmed for the 17th edition of Brutal Assault Festival.

  12. Update May 19, 2012: SWALLOW THE SUN and UNEARTH confirmed for BA

    Finnish doom/melodic death metal band SWALLOW THE SUN and US metalcore band UNEARTH have been newly confirmed for the 17th edition of the Brutal Assault Festival.

  13. Update May 22, 2012: SUICIDE SILENCE moved to PreAssault Show

    Unfortunately SUICIDE SILENCE have been forced to cancel some of their summer shows due to some term collision with their US tour. A partial compensation will be their club show in Prague (27/07/2012) conceived as a PreAssault Party (entrance for 150 Czk for BA ticket holders only). Other news is associated with Polish band RIVERSIDE which have also been forced to cancel their BA show due to their work on a new album.

    As a substitue for both cancellation we come back with a quaternion of newly confirmed bands. You can look forward to Scottish deathcore band BLEED FROM WITHIN, California based mathcore representatives The HUMAN ABSTRACT and progressive-oriented bands from the UK The HAARP MACHINE and The SAFETY FIRE.

  14. Update July 17, 2012: BRUTAL ASSAULT photo contest

    Brutal Assault team decided to set up a competition for all those enthusiasist who try to forecast bands and comment their news every Monday.

    This is the organizers statement: “What is a goal? When we were watching photos from previous Brutal Assaut issues we noticed loads of festival merch photos. So we came with an idea to set up a competition for all of you who bought Brutal Assault merchandise. If you are one of them send us your photo wearing a T-shirt or a hoodie or other merchandise. We will collect your photos for one week and then upload to a special folder on our FaceBook profile and during next week there will be polls for those photos. There is only one and simple principle - the best rated photo will win. No matter how do you pose or how many friends you are going to arrange for voting for your photo. The best rated photo will win.

    And prices? First place is a ticket to Brutal Assault festival, second place is a hoodie Brutal Assault and third place is a T - shirt Brutal Assalt - both are brand new desings for this year.

    You can send your e-mails to or as a link directly throught a FaceBook message:”

  15. Update July 23, 2012: BA 2012 announces its daily schedule and 4 new bands

    Brutal Assault announces its daily program - see the „Schedule“ section for more information. More detailed running order will be announced in the next days (including the new third Budweiser Budvar club stage program).

    To make the line-up complete we need to announce last 4 bands. Byelorussian doom/pagan metallers GODS TOWER, French Avant-Garde metal band SEBKHA-CHOTT and two Czech representatives: old-school death metal band BRUTALLY DECEASED and blackmetallers TROLLECH will also play the main stage this year.

    It is highly recommended to buy the tickets in pre-sale since the attendance this year will be surely attacking the capacity of the festival’s area. You can still buy the BA-ticket at a reduced pre-sale price of 1550,- CZK ( + fees via Paypal) but remember that this edition is on sale till the ond of July only!

    Krisiun for Deicide, newly confirmed also Anaal Nathrakh and Truth And Its Burden

    Unfortunately death metal veterans DEICIDE have cancelled their summer European Tour due to unforeseen circumstances.

    For this reason BA festival announces Brazilian death metallers KRISIUN as a replacement. Another newly confirmed acts are Britisth black metallers ANAAL NATHRAKH and South African metalcore band TRUTH AND ITS BURDEN.