1. Doomed Souls Evening

    Doomed Souls Evening icon With Wagner’s music in the background, I am going to reveal to you what happened on the evening of November 7th at “Doomed Souls Evening”, another event organised by DonsisArt and Kogaionon and hosted by the same spacious venue at Silver Church. After the concert with Aggaloch and Alcest, this event was the second where we had the chance and … (read on)

  2. Ordo Rosarius Equilibro - Experimental Friday II

    Ordo Rosarius Equilibro - 	Experimental Friday II icon The Ordo Rosarius Equilibro concerts was the third one they had in Romania, but it was the first where Thomas Peterson & Co. have performed alone on the stage of the elegant club Kulturhaus – a great location for smaller sized events. There was a new bassist in the band, Fredrik Leijström and a guitarist, Ronnie Bäck, both being a … (read on)

  3. Helvation festival

    Helvation festival icon A first edition of a very successful festival took place on the days of 12th and 13th of November, 2010 in Helsinki at a venue called Dante’s Highlight. It is a place that regularly hosts smaller sized concerts, having a capacity of about 650 people (including top floor/balcony), as far as I understood. Plus, downstairs there is a separate bar … (read on)

  4. Sitra Ahra first two shows

    Quickly after Therion has announced their European shows and especially the support acts (Loch Vostok and Leprous) I bought myself tickets for their Dutch shows. Which were also the opening ones of the long series of concert throughout the old continent, including Russia towards its end (unfortunately, the support bands will no longer play the concerts after Poland). First of … (read on)

  5. Leprous and Wintergrave live in Oslo

    Leprous and Wintergrave live in Oslo icon Skuret is a tiny bar in Oslo used a lot by those who study various instruments or musical related stuff at NISS (Nordisk Institutt for Scene og Studio), since they get to play there either for free or for very little money and practice their compositions in front of the crowd. Thus, any concert held there should not raise anyone's … (read on)

  6. Labyrinthic Metal Evening 2010

    Labyrinthic Metal Evening 2010   icon On the 16th of November Kogaionon and DonisArt have organised a special evening for us, with a line-up consisting mainly of names from the experimental areas of metal, pretty much all of them being underground ones, just like we've grown to expect from Andreea and Doru. The evening seemed very special to me due the fact that I had the … (read on)

  7. Dimmu Borgir&Enslaved live

    Dimmu Borgir&Enslaved live icon As part of Dimmu Borgir's Abrahadabra tour, the show held on October 18th in Oslo, Sentrum Scene, was opened by two support acts: Sahg and Enslaved. Due to the classical Norwegian habit of forspill (pre party, foreplay), I missed Sahg and got to the venue 2 minutes after Enslaved had started. The venue they played in is part of the … (read on)

  8. 1001Watt Festival 2010

    1001Watt Festival 2010 icon This festival actually started back in 1999 as a small event that grew very fast for the next 4 years and was able to bring up pretty big names in the small city of Skien, in Telemark Norway, 2 hours by bus from Oslo. Then the festival took a break until 2009, and working its way up towards a great … (read on)

  9. Southern Discomfort

    Southern Discomfort icon Now that summer sort of draws to an end in Norway, it's time for indoor festivals. This one took place between the 17th and 18th of September in southern Norway, in the city of Kristiansand. The city itself deserves its own post, since I had some funny experiences, but that's maybe for another time. The festival was hosted by two … (read on)

  10. Brutal Assault, 12-14 August 2010

    Brutal Assault, 12-14 August 2010 icon The 15th year’s anniversary edition of the Brutal Assault festival took place between 12th and 14th August 2010 in the Old Army Fortress Josefov (about 130 km from Prague), Czech Republic. The open air event gathered this year around 15 000 people from all over Europe (and not only) and presented us around 75 great metal bands from around the … (read on)

  11. Slottsskogen goes progressive 2010

    Slottsskogen goes progressive 2010 icon Since a weekend in Oslo is pretty much equivalent of a bus trip to Western Sweden and some food drinks there, plus my current favorite band played at this festival in Gothenburg, plus I don't mind a change in the concerts locations, I found myself in a bus towards the Swedish city on Saturday morning. The 4 websites I previously … (read on)

  12. Øya festival 2010

    A festival that started back in 1999 with just a handful of bands and grew up to need 6 stages in 2010 where hundred of bands perform. And let's not forget the Øyanatt every day after the festival and klubdaggen the day before, during which tons of other artists perform in plenty of clubs and bars all over Oslo. The … (read on)

  13. Metalcamp 2010

    Metalcamp 2010 icon The 7th edition of the Metalcamp festival took place between 5th and 10th of July in Slovenia, in the small green mountain town Tolmin. A full week of camping in a lovely scenery, great music, a lot of fun and good mood. This year even the weather was on our side with almost no rain (comparing with the previous year … (read on)

  14. Kavarna 2010 (Romanian only)

    Kavarna 2010 (Romanian only) icon Cit o sa se mai desfasoare festivalul anual de la Kavarna? Raspunsul este foarte simplu: cel putin cit va fi primar in localitate domnul Tsonko Tsonev. Acuzat ca ar desfasura tot felul de afaceri impreuna cu crima organizata, omul isi vede de treaba (ca de-aia il tot aleg oamenii) si de pasiune (ca de-aia se tot duc romanii acolo). S-a … (read on)

  15. Ulver at Opera House in Oslo: black without the metal

    I knew little of Ulver's recent compositions and albums, since I didn't quite dig the few songs I heard from the album that followed the début black metal record. And after that, I just didn't get to hear anything, so I went to the concert with an increased dose of curiosity and interest, especially given the majestic location of the … (read on)

  16. Norway Rock festival 2010

    Before anything else, many thanks to festivalphoto.net and Rasmus for the opportunity to be at this festival this year. Nice nice nice!! For a bunch of vids from the festival, checkout this playlist: Also, the photos taken for festivalphoto.net can be found here. 5th edition of a small festival with big names brought me to South of Norway, in Kvinesdal, … (read on)

  17. Graspop Metal Meeting 2010

    Graspop Metal Meeting 2010 icon Held every year in Dessel, Belgium, usually during the last weekend of June, the festival celebrated 15 years of existence in 2010. Big names such as Aerosmith, Soulfly and Kiss were brought for the celebration, even if along its history the festival was never cheap on big names. A list with these names can be found here. The sun seems … (read on)

  18. Download festival 2010

    Download festival 2010 icon A bit about the festival Held usually during the 2nd week of June at the Donington Park motor circuit, close to Nottingam and Derby, UK's Download Festival is a continuation of the Monsters of Rock festivals organised in the same place until 1996. It started as a two day event and expanded to 3 in 2005. The name comes from … (read on)

  19. AC/DC, We salute you!

    AC/DC, We salute you! icon The concert held on the night of May 16th by the legendary Australian band AC/DC in Constitution Square, Bucharest was definitely among the most impressive shows that Romania has seen so far. The band brought a giant stage with a huge bell, an old locomotive, cannons, pyrotechnics, confetti and loads of energy, electrifying the audience from the first moment of … (read on)

  20. Inferno Festival 2010, Norway

    Inferno Festival 2010, Norway icon First of all, for the video side of things, here's the youtube playlist of videos I took. Tuesday – Thrills at the museum Not officially an Inferno festival day, but on the page it was presented as a grand opening of the IMC at the Norwegian Viking Ship Museum, Tuesday 30th of March at 19:00. It was the concert of … (read on)