Brutal Assault 2009, August 6- 8, Czech Republic

by Wintertale

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Photo: Wintertale / StudioRock

The 14th edition of one of the biggest Central Europe festivals of extreme music, Brutal Assault, took place between 6th and 8th of August in the 18th century military fortress Josefov. It welcomed metal heads from all over the Europe for the third year in a row.

Comparing to previous editions we noticed with pleasure big improvements in the festival organization: variety of food, several kinds of drinks and beers (from 1 to 1,5 €) including non-alcoholic, natural tribune with a great view on the festival area from a bird’s perspective, places for sitting, horror tent in the resting and merchandise area, plenty of toilets cleaned every day, supply water and very appreciated and imperishable program for neck for each visitor made the festival, together with the great playlist, metal head’s heaven on earth. This is also confirmed by every year’s growing amount of foreign visitors.

As a weakest point of the festival can be mentioned the impossibility to park your car close to your tent as is used on many other festivals and still not so great sound for some bands (especially the ones without own sound engineer). Beside the normal camping also a VIP one appeared so as a small private one in the city. Also in the printed program mistakes could be found like band’s musical style or country of origin. Nevertheless the general impression from the festival itself was very good and Brutal Assault became a festival where you would like to return also next year.

Also this year it had bands and headliners from various styles. First day belonged among others to Sadus, greek black metal Rotting Christ, legend of New York hard core Madball, exotic Orphaned Land that introduced few songs from their new upcoming album, restless Pain, New York hard core legend Biohazard that pleased many of their fans with the reunion tour, grindcore Brutal Truth, viking warriors Turisas with exactly the same incredibly boring stories about local beer and girls as usually, tech death metal Mithras and Cynic that due some issues with lost instruments had to change their playing time with Brutal Truth.

Second day our ears were pleased by the great Czech instrumentalists Forgotten Silence - this time also with a vocal. This band is very appreciated in the area and is worth to see their live gig. Their performance was followed by death metal Obscura, Agathodaimon and Psycroptic. Romanian Negura Bunget tried to act like no major changes happened in the band, a thing that what many spectators delighted by beer and not knowing what happened in the last few moths could believe. For others their performance seemed blankly. Inappropriate crackdowns to compositions that made this band known and recognized all over Europe sounded like a torture for the fans of the original formation. Swedish Vomitory roused death metal massacre followed by grind core Gadget, Grave, Dagoba, tech death metal from Florida Atheist, death/grind ravage Beneth The Massacre, Vreid, Novembers Doom, Pestilence. After the great temperamental Mexican grindcore/death metal Brujeria our ears were stroked by Mikael Åkerfeldt’s sense of humor and Opeth admirable performance followed by Testament. When Ulver appeared on BA playlist a lot of fans were daily checking the festival’s webpage to see if this unbelievable news is not just an April joke. Ulver managed with their unforgettable audiovisual show to reach the darkest corners of human mind and create a suggestive atmosphere where was impossible to take your eyes from the screen or even to breath.

From the last day we can mention Hate Eternal, Raunchy, Misery Index, Anaal Nathrakh, Atrox and charismatic Suffocation. Great show demonstrated by Immortal where spitting fire did not miss, a jumping plush panda bear could be seen in the audience and the big pandas from the stage really enjoyed their show as well as their fans. Last hours of festival belonged to the energetic Walls of Jericho, Marduk, Skepticism with their funeral doom metal and melodic Eternal Deformity.

Overall, the14th edition of Brutal Assault can be considered as the best in all festival history. We can only wish a lot of luck to the organizers and hope they will continue and improve some small details that remained and that next year we will be able to meet again at an even better Brutal Assault 2010!